Dough Loco opens in East Harlem

Corey Cova (Earl's Beer & Cheese, ABV) rolls out eccentric doughnuts at Dough Loco.
 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa SinclairChocolate-and-stout doughnut at Dough Loco
 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa SinclairMaple-miso doughnut at Dough Loco
 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa SinclairPineapple-and-brown butter doughnut at Dough Loco
 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa SinclairDoughnuts at Dough Loco
 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
Photograph: Melissa SinclairDough Loco

Haute doughnuts get their big break uptown at Dough Loco, opening September 3rd. Chef Corey Cova (Earl’s Beer & Cheese, ABV)—known for funky dishes like a Spam-and-octopus salad and a foie gras Fluffernutter—rolls out eccentric fried rounds at this ten-seat bakery. Behind a counter crafted from old bowling alley lanes, find a rotating selection of flavors like miso-maple, pineapple–brown butter and chocolate-and-stout. To drink: pour-overs and espressos made from Blue Bottle beans. 1261 Park Ave between 97th and 98th Sts (no phone yet)

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Venue says $3 tacos and drink specials every Taco Tuesday 5pm-close! Reg. Happy Hour M-F 4pm-7 $9 margaritas, $5 tequila shots and food specials.

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