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  1. 1. Barcelona Easter Bunny, Vosges Haut-Chocolat

  2. 2. Green Truffle Collection 16pc, Vosges Haut-Chocolat

  3. 3. Organic Exotic Candy Bar Library, Vosges Haut-Chocolat

  4. 4. Air-brushed cacao pod and dark-chocolate egg, La Maison du Chocolat

  5. 5. Cream eggs, Tribeca Treats

  6. 6. Swiss milk-chocolate rabbits, The Food Emporium

Easter candy for grown-up tastes



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1. This Vosges lop-eared Barcelona bunny, studded with sel gris and smoked almonds, has a salty, savory bite.

2. Our favorite truffle in the Vosges Green collection: Buddha's leaf, a fudgy dark-chocolate ganache infused with the nutty essence of pandan leaf.

3. If you're like us and can't choose one flavor, try this sophisticated organic sampler. It includes the maitake-walnut and the rich milk-chocolate--peanut-butter bars.

4. You can, and should, eat all of the chocolate in this incredible tableau of an airbrushed cacao pod and dark-chocolate egg from La Maison du Chocolat. Concealed inside the hollow behemoths: crunchy cocoa-nib wafers and assorted La Maison bonbons. They're costly, but are among the best chocolates you will ever have.

5.Tribeca Treats churns out the very best cream eggs, period. Though they call the filling marshmallow, it tastes like a cross between buttercream and meringue, and seems to melt right into its high-quality dark-chocolate coating. Also available with whipped peanut butter and milk-chocolate ganache.

6. These creamy Swiss milk-chocolate rabbits from the Food Emporium are ideal for folks who actually like to eat their hollow bunnies, not just keep them for show.

Photographs: Virginia Rollison

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