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You know how you've always wanted to give a starving, skinny runway girl something to eat? We did it.


Baklava from Gazala Place

(709 Ninth Ave between 48th and 49th Sts, 212-245-0709; pistachio $5, walnut $6)

“This is a classy dessert—it looks good if you’re serving a fancy meal. But I’d have to be starving to eat a whole square.”—Celestina

“I’ve never had this kind of thing before. Could I eat the whole thing? Oh yeah. Models pretend that they don’t eat, but they do. And then they [Makes the universal sign for vomiting]... Me? I’m just bony. I eat anything, whenever.”—Stephanie

“There are sooo many nuts! And too much honey. I like how crunchy it is.”—Aneta

Coconut cream doughnut from Doughnut Plant

(379 Grand St at Norfolk St, 212-505-3700; $2.75)

“Wow. This is chewy, fresh, soft. You can taste the flour and the cream. This is my favorite one.”—Celestina

“I like the outside—it’s so fluffy—but the cream is too much to handle.”—Stephanie

“Mmmmm. Omigod. This tastes like Malibu. And milk. It’s like every doughnut should taste. [Takes two bites] I am so full. I eat and in small portions—fish, salads, fruits. The only dessert I usually let myself have is brownie sundaes. I can’t resist those.”—Aneta

Red velvet cupcake from Sweet Revenge

(62 Carmine St between Seventh Ave and Bedford St, 212-242-2240; $3.50)

“It’s very creamy, in a good way. I need water! If these desserts were in my house, I’d just keep eating them. I eat junk like crazy. I don’t know where the food goes! I only go to the gym to make fun of my friends. [Laughs]”—Celestina

“I was scared of this one at first—I thought it would be too sweet. But the cake is so moist and not too sweet at all.”—Stephanie

“The cake is perfect and the icing tastes good, though it got a little melty.”—Aneta

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