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Nine impressive NYC restaurants to order from on your next date night

Here's how to get these surprising, exciting flavors straight to your door

Written by Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner in association with Grubhub.

When it comes to getting your dinner delivered for date night, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. That same pizza joint; the reliable Chinese restaurant—they're great, sure, but why not shake it up a bit? Next time you're hoping to impress at home, up your game by ordering delivery from one of these truly excellent New York restaurants. These trendy spots range from Venezuelan street food to high-end restaurants—and they all deliver food that travels surprisingly well.

A trip to the farthest end of City Island to eat seafood on the Long Island Sound is a wonderful (and romantic!) day trip with your special someone, but in case of bad weather or short scheduling, takeout is on the way! Sammy’s delivers a robust menu of fresh oysters and clams, plus all the crisp delights like coconut shrimp, whole fried fish, and even full lobster dinners.

Securing a seat at this rustic downtown spot by chef Marco Canora is no easy task, but clicking order on a romantic dinner for two is simple and truly love. Make it a multi course delivery affair, starting with simple seasonal vegetables, garlic bread and warm butter beans. At home pasta kits help you whip up a steamy entree ala minute to be followed with wild fish. Add on some of Hearth’s frozen soups for a day after special lunch too.


Luxurious omakase at your kitchen counter instead of the sushi counter? Very possible, thanks to chef Mark Garcia’s elevated takeout experience that's sure to impress your date. Several omakase experiences are available for takeout (depending on your hunger and your budget) and you can supplement with Kissaki’s signature Futomaki, or fat rolled sushi.


Tapas bar, meet kitchen table, with this Spanish delivery that’s the key to instant romance Choose tapas ala carte, or go for the 9 tapas for $99 which lets you select from favorites like pan con tomate, papas bravas, grilled octopus, Spanish tortillas, albondigas, and more. Full orders of paellas, plus meat and cheese boards are also available for a full-on Spanish feast. It'll feel like you're on vacation in Madrid!

The hallmark of any successful date night is dinner and and activity. So break out the karaoke machine, because you’re having a full-on Korean barbecue night at home! Antoya delivers everything, from the banchan to the sliced and marinated meats, so you can fire your cubed short rib and pork belly to order. Soups, stews, and prepared dishes are also available should you want to leave the cooking to the professionals.


Chinese takeout night takes on a whole new meaning when you’re ordering from this historic palace of Chinese fine dining. Don’t hold back in ordering a range of starters, like fried dumplings and sizzling rice cake soup. A plethora of options is available for the main course, including ample gluten-free and vegetarian options. Don’t skip one of Shun Lee’s signature showstoppers, like the Beijing duck with crispy skin or baked Maine lobster with ginger and scallions. Plate everything up to replicate the restaurant’s tableside service. 

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