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  6. bao buns (Pillunya)
TOP SECRET menu, a riff on White Castle's crave case- 24 sliders, crinkle fries, onion rings & 2 dipping sauces. Free shipping CODE: crave
- Pillunya

Time Out says

Pillunya is inspired by the Quechua word for wave, and like water, this place is fluid in its menu and pretty hard to get a hold of. The restaurant is enigmatic, to say the least, working from a ghost kitchen to serve a capped number of orders per day (and the website is only accessible by using a password). That being said, it's not impossible to get a hold of their high-end Peruvian dishes – if you catch them at the right time to place an order, you'll be handsomely rewarded.

The key concept is to make takeout meals an experience. The reduced menu means each meal can be carefully cooked to perfection before being packaged up and sent over. Expect to find delicacies such as lomo saltado, acorn squash a la huancaina, and alfajores up for grabs when placing an order. Furthermore, Pillunya is also committed to working with local businesses around the city so you'll often find them hosting pop-ups and private dinners, so keep an eye out.  

Pillunya says
Pillunya is the NYC pop up you’ve been waiting for. We normally operate as a ghost kitchen (in other words, a virtual restaurant offering delivery-only service). But on April 8th, you can join us in the flesh for a pop-up event at Talea Beer Co, the first ever female owned NYC brewery in Williamsburg.

On our mouth watering Peruvian fusion menu, you’ll find BBQ pulled pork bao buns, roasted eggplant bao buns and more. For drinks, you can treat yourself to one of Talea’s beers which are brewed right on site.

We'll be serving from 5pm until they sell out, so come early and act fast!


The food quality. Over the quantity.

The word Pillunya, which translates to the word wave, derives from the indigenous language of Peru “Quechua”. The reason we chose this name for the business is because we feel right now is the perfect time to embark on this venture and take this ride.

Ghost kitchens have become a vital business model in recent years for restaurateurs everywhere. The goal is to make ordering & takeout an experience. The focus is on a reduced menu so that we can perfect and give you the best quality at all times. We are also committed to working with local businesses for collaborations for our pop-up events and private dinners. The way the world is moving these days, we made this pivot to keep the food industry alive.


Ghost Kitchen
6283 60th Rd
New York
Opening hours:
Wednesday-Saturday: 1pm-8pm
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