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Blood sausage stir-fry at Hanjan
Photograph: Jessica LinBlood sausage stir-fry at Hanjan

The Feed first look: Hanjan

Danji chef Hooni Kim opens a Flatiron spin-off serving Korean street food.

New York’s consuming passion for improvised Asian street food—driven by hand-pulled noodles and fish-sauce chicken wings—gets new kindling with this adaptation of a joo mak, a Korean roadside tavern, from Hooni Kim (Danji). The toque, who earned his stripes at Daniel and Masa, modernizes the passerby fare of his native country: He braises Seoul bar-food staple jokbal (pig trotters) and serves them with sliced cabbage, sesame-apple vinegar and fermented shrimp sauce. Skewers—such as garlicky grilled pork belly—constitute a third of the small-plates-based menu, while a smattering of seafood dishes include a bowl of piquant cod-roe stew. 36 W 26th St between Broadway and Sixth Ave (212-206-7226)
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