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The Great GoogaMooga: Refunds confirmed for all ExtraMooga ticket holders

Organizers of the divisive festival talk to TONY about the decision to refund tickets.

Photograph: Taso Hountas

The misadventures of the Great GoogaMooga—the two-day food-and-music festival that had its shaky debut in Prospect Park this weekend—have been exhaustively documented. Of particular interest is the $250 ExtraMooga ticket, which was marketed as an all-inclusive experience but fell inexcusably short of expectations. Many sources, including TONY, suggested that a refund for ExtraMooga ticket holders would be a game-changing move to help turn the tides of public opinion. TONY has the exclusive word this morning that organizers Superfly, responding to the negative feedback, have decided to do just that.

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“We are offering a 100% refund to anyone who attended ExtraMooga: the full ticket price, credit card fees—everything,” said Superfly’s Jon Mayers in a phone interview last night. “Our intentions were to do something great. We were definitely ambitious. But we also wanted to do something top notch. We did not deliver on the promise we made for the ExtraMooga, and that’s why we’re going to make it right.” Ticket holders can expect a communiqué from Superfly within the hour.

For a festival with annual ambitions, the refund is a good-will gesture that, organizers hope, will go a long way in appeasing dissatisfied ticket holders. Mayers confirmed that Superfly hopes to reprise the festival next year with some key improvements in place. “There’s certainly a lot to regroup on, but we do want to return to Prospect Park next year and create something that we, and the whole community, can be proud of,” he said. “We will be evolving the whole pricing model, and taking a look at what the ExtraMooga experience really is. Obviously we will be working to make sure there’s enough food, and continue to work on the lines. We plan to build out our team and make the investment to make sure we can deliver next year.”

Mayers also responded to criticisms that Superfly used a public space to throw a for-profit affair, citing the event’s positive economic impact (the booths and signs, for example, were built by Brooklyn-based artisans.) “We also gave non-profit organizations Just Food, Edible Schoolyard and the Prospect Park Alliance a platform to connect with the audience at the event,” he said, adding that he'd argue GoogaMooga exposed New Yorkers to the Nethermead, an underused area of Prospect Park.

“This is just about doing good business, being fair and living up to your promises,” said Mayers. “Mistakes were made but it’s how you correct them [that is important]. We are not afraid to come back again.”

Here’s hoping that Superfly’s efforts to respond to community outrage will be enough to clear the air.

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Anna Leybovich

also forgot to talk about separate entrances that was already mentioned before. I've been to many festivals but what they did at Googa Mooga reminded me of the segregation period. People with free tix had to walk 10 more mins to get to their "assigned" entrance. Hilarious!!!!

Anna Leybovich

I really liked the atmosphere at the festival but the prices, I am sorry it's not worth to pay 17 bucks for less than a half a glass of unknown wine or 6 bucks for a tiny thai hot dog. The idea is definitely great to combine alcohol, music and food but everything needs improvement. I was also disappointed when there were times without the music, it seemed disorganized. I would want to come back and bring my friends, my boyfriend could not go because he could not get the free ticket (beyond stupid) but only if googa mooga would go through some changes

Jonny brooklyn

I had a great time on Sunday....of course things could be improved, but that's normal with a first year fest Otherwise...great food, great beer, great vibes...


Superfly=Supercool That's the right thing to do. I was there both days. Saw the good and bad. What a positive gesture on your part to Make up for the bad. I'll be back next year

Max I Mush

Oh, and to add to the below.... I think it says alot that the refund was offered and that Googa Mooga recognized the problems and want to make right with the people!! Commendations!!!

Max I Mush

I understand that there were glitches on Saturday, but I anticipated that, being the first year for this event. I thoroughly enjoyed it on Sunday. I was so happy that an event like this had finally come to the neighborhood & prospect park.I will go again if it returns next year and encourage more friends to come with us. I didn't do the extra mooga. they should just have one area, not two. That I thought was a bad idea, separating people. It was obvious that the place to be was in the main/free area. They should just offer extra mooga in the free area and have specific bands or id's for extra mooga that entitle the holder to free food that would otherwise be a cost for the non payers. I am looking forward to 2013!! Please come again!!


While I was very disappointed with the Extra Mooga this year, I am fully committed to continuing to support the Great Googa Mooga and Superfly in the future. By offering this refund, Superly have ensured my wife and I will be back next year and bringing friends along with us this time. Thank you, Superfly, for doing the right thing. We wish you great success in the future so that other businesses will follow the example you have set today.


“We also gave non-profit organizations Just Food, Edible Schoolyard and the Prospect Park Alliance a platform to connect with the audience at the event,” By allowing them to have a booth? Is that it? I love that they used craftsmen from Brooklyn to build the booth. They should endeavour to use as many Brooklyn-based people as they can for the next event. That's the only way that it can be acceptable to use public land for a private event.