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Photographs: Ashleigh Rae Staton

Meet the Undateables: Christophe and Charlotte

We're setting up New Yorkers who swear they’re totally undateable, and sending them out on socially distanced dates across the city

By Will Gleason

Why they’re single:
Christophe: He's been moving around a lot and just moved to the city in December.
Charlotte: She's picky because she wants to find someone that's really worth her time.

Ideal socially distanced date:
Christophe: A bike ride, walk or anything outdoorsy
Charlotte: Someone showing her something new that they love


First impression
Christophe: "I thought she was cute. It’s always nerve-racking getting set up on a date when you don’t know the person. But she seemed alright. I wouldn’t say that I have a type, but I thought she was attractive."
Alexis: "My first impression was that he was polite, lovely and well-intentioned. But I didn’t really feel a spark. I would say he wasn’t my type. But he was really lovely!"

Photograph: Ashleigh Rae Staton

Christophe: "It was very clear to me that she wasn't interested, but we carried on a conversation. We talked about what we did, and she talked about being a dancer. I always think it's interesting to meet people I wouldn't normally meet through my social circle."
Charlotte: "I didn't feel there was romantic chemistry, but I'm grateful for the time he spent with me. I really appreciated his optimistic, upbeat attitude. When we were on the water, it was a little difficult to hear him, but there was a lot going on all at once. That's the Covid dating experience in a nutshell."

Awkward Moment
Christophe: "After she asked my age, she immediately asked me what it was like to be in your 40s. It wasn’t that bad, but if I had to pinpoint one awkward moment it would probably be that."
Charlotte: "I felt pretty quickly that I wasn’t interested, so that first moment was awkward. I think we were being polite and friendly, but I don’t think I felt genuinely intrigued by him."

Photograph: Ashleigh Rae Staton

Dystopia Dating Vibes
Christophe: "Generally, I find it very stressful interacting with people during this time. It’s hard to find the balance of having fun on a date, but not exposing people to risk. But I think kayaking was a good thing to do for that because it’s outdoors and it's easier to keep a distance. It was a bit harder to have a conversation, though." 
Charlotte: "Going on a blind date is already a strange experience, and Covid just added another layer of not quite knowing what to expect. It was a whole lot of unknowns all matched up into one afternoon!"

Christophe: "We said goodbye and did the elbow fist bump. I did ask her for her number. I got the vibe that she wasn’t interested when we exchanged info."
Charlotte: "At the end of the date, I said that I just think the age difference is a bit much, so I don’t think we’re meant for each other. But you seem like a nice, friendly person, and if I meet anyone that I think would be great for you, I'll send them your way."

Photograph: Ashleigh Rae Staton

Verdict [On a scale of five hearts]

Christophe:  "Given there was no romantic connection, maybe a one or two but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself and enjoy her company. She was pleasant to be around, and it was a really good time. It wasn’t a bad date, just not really a connection."
Charlotte:   I think he’s a really nice person, and might make someone else happy. I think it was just pretty clear right away that we weren’t meant to be."

Our daters went to Manhattan Kayak (555 12th Ave, Hell's Kitchen)

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Photograph: Ashleigh Rae Staton


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