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TONY plays yenta

We armed three sets of perfect strangers with single-use cameras and sent them on blind dates. No one was murdered, and two of the couples even sorta almost liked each other. Score!


MATCH NO. 1: Chuck & Nicole

WHO: Chuck, 33, is a civil-rights lawyer living in Astoria, Queens. He used to teach junior high, and says he’s a courteous, adventurous and witty guy who goes for “intellectually curious” brunets who can rap about anything: sports, current events, Dexter, etc. Park Sloper Nicole, 28, is working on her master’s in art history at Columbia. She’s a “smart, genial and self-deprecating” optimist who loves museums, book readings and concerts.

WHERE WE SENT ’EM: To eat brunch at Cheryl’s Global Soul (236 Underhill Ave between Eastern Pkwy and Lincoln Pl, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn; 347-529-2855, and tour “Who Shot Rock & Roll” at the Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Pkwy at Washington Ave, Prospect Heights; 718-638-5000,

HOW IT WENT: Pretty well. Chuck says Nicole is “an attractive girl, really smart and easygoing.” But? “I didn’t get a great sense of her humor; most of our conversations were on the serious side.” Nicole agreed: “We were both on our best behavior; I’m snarkier than I probably came off.”

THE VERDICT: Despite initial jitters, they chatted about everything from children’s advocacy to Linda McCartney. The date lasted six hours, and both say they’d go out again. One point for Team Yenta.

ASK ONE OF THEM OUT! Chuck:; Nicole:

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MATCH NO. 3: Magnus & Rebecca

WHO: Magnus is a 33-year-old filmmaker who moved to New York two months ago and is seeking an “artistic and stylish girl—someone to conquer the world with.” Rebecca, a 29-year-old bisexual clinical consultant, has a “chronic allergy to drama” and values smarts, ambition and optimism in a partner.

WHERE WE SENT ’EM: To booze it up at Barrio Chino (253 Broome St between Ludlow and Orchard Sts; 212-228-6710,, and then booze it up some more at Envoy Enterprises LLC (131 Chrystie St between Broome and Delancey Sts, 212-226-4555).

HOW IT WENT: “It was wonderful!” gushed Rebecca. “I knew we were gonna get along when he [agreed] to take fake make-out pictures with me.” Rebecca isn’t Magnus’s usual type—“I hang out with artists and actresses”—but he was intrigued. “She’s a power woman, and very skillful socially,” he noted. Rebecca said: “I think we’re intellectually attracted to each other.”

THE VERDICT: “There wasn’t any fistfight, we weren’t mugged, and we didn’t run away to Brazil,” said Magnus. “But it was a very pleasant evening.” So pleasant that the couple has plans to go out again—maybe to a Russian bathhouse.

ASK ONE OF THEM OUT! Magnus:; Rebecca:

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Dates for everyone
The best dates for every personality and mood.

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