Meet the Undateables: Lauren and Trent

Each week, we take two New Yorkers who swear they’re totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test


Why they’re single:
Lauren: She’s waiting for Pauly D to realize that they’re soul mates.
Trent: He just moved to the city and is a little behind the times.

Ideal date:
Lauren: Going to a Yankees game or to a bar with board games
Trent: Getting dinner, then doing something active like checking out a new part of the city


First impression
Lauren:I got there first, and he greeted me with a hug. He seemed really sweet, but I noticed how nervous he was right away. He didn’t really make a lot of eye contact.
Trent: There was torrential rain that night, so when I got there my hair was a mess. When I walked by, I was hoping this girl at the bar was her, and it turned out she was.”

Lauren: “It was hard to establish any kind of connection without eye contact, but the conversation was decent—it flowed pretty well. He was just kind of closed off.”
Trent: I think there was chemistry. But just to be superficial: She’s allergic to shellfish, and that’s my favorite, and she loves burgers and beer, and I don’t eat that stuff.”

Awkward Moment
Lauren: He talked a lot about his dietary restrictions, which at times crossed over into TMI territory. He doesn’t eat gluten, doesn’t have red meat and doesn’t drink beer.”
Trent: I only had one drink. I’m just not that big of a drinker. It was probably a little awkward that I didn’t get a second drink, but I just wasn’t feeling it.”

Lauren: We hugged goodbye outside. I gave him my number because he said he’d never played HQ Trivia. I texted him my promo code so I could get a free life.”
Trent: We walked out, and I got her number. We said we’d stay in touch and maybe meet up sometime, and that was it. She lives on the West Side, and I’d like to see that area more.”

Lauren: ♥♥ “He’s a really nice guy, but we definitely had no romantic chemistry. The conversation was decent. I laughed every now and then, but mostly at my own jokes.”
Trent: ♥♥♥♥ “I thought she was great. I found her attractive, engaging, and I had a good time with her. If I was gonna give a five, it would have had to have been out of the park.”

Our daters went to The Rum House (646-490-6924, 228 W 47th St)

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