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Meet the Undateables: Wandi and Sam

A fierce New York City FC fan and a die-hard New York Red Bulls fan swear they're incapable of finding love. To see if they're right, we sent them on a date to a match between the two teams.

Written by Time Out New York for Heineken

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As told to Will Gleason

Why they’re single:
Wandi: She works 60 hours a week and is prioritizing friendships over dating.
Sam: He finds the routine of dating apps to be really tiring.

Ideal date:
Wandi: Going to a soccer game
Sam: Going to a dive bar or checking out a museum


First impression
Wandi: “We hugged, and the first thing I noticed was that he had a really cute smile. He seemed smart and really passionate about his team. He was very into getting to know me.
Sam: “When I got there, we were both wearing our team’s attire, but we exchanged pleasantries and walked into the stadium together. She was sharp, intelligent and funny.

Wandi: “I felt a good vibe from him. Once the game started, he asked me a lot of deep-seated questions, and we talked about why we both became season-ticket holders.” 
Sam: “There was chemistry. I went in with the assumption that anyone who would like NYCFC is pretty undateable from the start, but her personality kind of changed that.

Awkward Moment
Wandi: “Eighty-five minutes in, my team scored the first goal of the game. He was kind of quiet for, like, 10 minutes and just sipped his beer. I probably would have been worse.
Sam: “The Red Bulls lost, so that was tough. I made a joke to my friends before that the only way this could go well would be if it was a draw. But I think I handled it pretty well.

Wandi: “We met up with friends and went to a couple of bars by the stadium. One of my friends was really into being a wingman. We exchanged numbers, and there was a kiss.
Sam: “We went out after the match, and she introduced me to some other NYCFC fans. There was a rivalry, but it felt like it was in good spirit. After that, we parted ways.”

Wandi: ♥♥♥ I think where we got by the end was that we wouldn’t try to convert each other, but it would be awesome if we go again and sit in the neutral section.
Sam: ♥♥ “We’ve been texting a bunch. I don’t know what to call it—we haven’t defined it or anything. But it was great. I’d be open to going to another game with her.

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