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  1. "It's kind of sweet to be kissed in the middle of Times Square. One of my dates pulled me in and said, 'I bet this has never happened to you before.' And he was right. You wouldn't think it's a romantic spot but it was a great moment."---Justine Peterman, 28, New Jersey

  2. "[I like] a place called the Narrows because there's nothing but beautiful couples there. And there are cocktails, and it's dark and Art Deco inside. It's in the middle of Bushwick."---Matthew Webber, 38; Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

  3. "The A train on a nice day. Seriously, go past the airport to Broad Channel. The track is really thin so you're just surrounded by water in a subway car. It's kind of dreamlike."---Julian Fader, 23; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  4. "For me it would have to be Veselka, on Second Avenue and 9th Street. I adore it because it's where my boyfriend and I had our first kiss. It's a relaxed atmosphere, and they've got hearty food and friendly service. And now every time we go, we relive our first kiss."---Elizabeth Ramirez, 33; Astoria, Queens

  5. "The Cloisters. It has this medieval, romantic vein to it. You can see the whole city, all these metal skyscrapers and apartment buildings, while surrounded by nature and medieval currents."---Jonathan DePierro, 24, Staten Island

  6. "Definitely would be Gennaro on Amsterdam. It's the kind of intimate Italian restaurant that you could visit every week, but [you should] also go to for Valentine's Day. It really is a credit to simple, fresh cooking and it's got an understated, rustic sort of elegance."---Mitchell Trinka, 30, Upper East Side

  7. "The Housing Works Cafe on Crosby Street, only because it's such a good cause and there are so many books there. What's more romantic than that?"---Dena Lewittes, 24; Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

  8. "The Empire State Building Observation Deck at night. It's a departure from the norm. You can see the whole city lit up and it's just gorgeous."---Andrea Kebalo, 25; Astoria, Queens

  9. "Shalel Lounge (65 W 70th St between Columbus Ave and Central Park West; 212-873-2300)on the Upper West Side has this underground, brothel atmosphere. You can get lost in it. The place is small and intimate, and its Arabic feel and the music are very sexy. If you'd like, you can sit in a private enclave where no one sees or bothers you except the bartender. I've been there quite a few times and I've probably overstayed my welcome."---Monica Rozenfeld, 25; Park Slope, Brooklyn

  10. "Flushing Meadows--Corona Park. It's airy, it's got history, and things could get kind of risqu since there are no other people around."---Larry Handy, 58; Flushing, Queens

  11. "I like Little Branch in the West Village, because the whole place is like stepping into a Hemingway novel. The cocktails are delicious, old-fashioned and hand-muddled. And even though the place is usually packed with a line outside, the lighting is romantic. Pushing in close to speak over cocktails in what feels like another place, in another time, is romantic too."---Hannah Miet, 23; Sunnyside, Queens

  12. "The Paris Theatre, definitely. They only play French films and French films are sexy."---Kelly Lamb, 24; Prospect--Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

  13. "Rockefeller Center, as much as it pains me to say that, because that's where I first hung out with my current boyfriend. We just watched the ice-skaters and talked and that's when I realized I liked him."---Nadia Chaudhury, 25; Queens Village, Queens

  14. "The Staten Island Ferry, going from Staten Island to Manhattan. Years ago, when I first moved to New York City, I lived in Staten Island, and my husband and I would always take the ferry together."---Fulvia Barbadoro, 45, Harlem

  15. "Something about the Oyster Bar at Grand Central always did me in. On off nights especially, the vaulted ceilings make the bar area feel so empty that it seems almost undiscovered, even though it clearly isn't. Plus raw oysters are terribly romantic, obviously. And if you don't commute through Grand Central, it's also sort of like peering into a different side of New York City."---Abby Everdell, 26; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  16. "Prospect Park in the summer. I just think that the ambience is nicer than at Central Park. I think there are a lot of really interesting places for couples to explore. They also have great performances at the Bandshell throughout the summer. It's nice to just get a blanket and lay out."---Jermaine Taylor, 30; Bushwick, Brooklyn

  17. "White Star bar. It's quiet, it's dark, and it's a great place to go to begin or end the evening. Just a wonderful place to talk and really get to know someone."---Clifford Merin, 25, Upper East Side

  18. "I got engaged at the Rainbow Room at the Top of the Rock, overlooking the city. At the time it was one of the hottest spots in the city. That was 1989, so I have no idea what it's like now."---Lee S., 52, Long Island

  19. "I just like walking places, like from Boerum Hill to the Brooklyn Promenade. There are all those brownstones and then you end up looking at one of the best views of Manhattan. Half of my memories of past relationships are of just walking to and from places. I don't even remember where."---Joe Veix, 23; Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

  20. "Satsko on the Lower East Side. It's an intimate, dimly lit sake bar decorated with beautiful art. It's a great place to grab a drink and sushi on a first date, if you're looking for somewhere quiet where you can talk. If you're solo, you can still enjoy the Southern bartender's dreamy accent."---Kathleen Stillman, 24; Astoria, Queens

  21. "Anytime you're not in the city and looking at it, that's romantic. Looking at skyline, you can see how magnificent the city really is."---Diana Ingles, 26; Hoboken, NJ

  22. "Megu is a Japanese fusion place in Soho. You have to have the kobe beef sashimi-style. It's cut thin, cooked on a hot rock in front of you. As soon as it hits your tongue it just melts. I had a wonderful experience there. When I looked around the room, everyone looked like they were in love. It was like heaven as a restaurant, just beautiful."---Mike Mayberry, 55, Upper West Side

  23. "There's a cemetery in the West Village (76 W 11th St between Six and Seventh Aves) where all these Portuguese Jews are buried. All of the tombstones are from the 1600s and it's really well kept. I think you need a key to get in at night, but during the day it's open. I don't know how that's romantic, but I guess it's just cool."---Sarah Dupuis, 22; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  24. "Sequoia at South Street Seaport is great. You get a great view of Brooklyn and the bridge, and you can take the Ikea ferry there. They have great seafood breakfasts."---Shelly Ryan, 35; Fort Greene, Brooklyn

  25. "Because I've just moved here, I've got the cheesiest idea---Central Park. You can go to a place that's undisturbed, with a lot of trees, and just make snow angels or something, which you can't do with all the roads and avenues everywhere else."---Chuck Wilson, 27; Bushwick, Brooklyn

  26. "The River Caf. You can eat oysters and chocolate and listen to classical piano and have a view of the city without actually being in Manhattan, which is better. My boyfriend took me there because he screwed up."---Claudia Acevedo, 23; Astoria, Queens

  27. "The Central Park, Conservatory Garden in Central Park up at 110th Street. It's very quiet; it's lush and so opposite of all the buildings. There are so many beautiful flowers. People even get married there, have nice ceremonies. It's quite charming."---Ricci Johnson, "65-plus," Upper East Side

  28. "La Vela (373 Amsterdam Ave between W 77th and W 78th Sts; 212-877-7818)over on the West Side is a great romantic restaurant. It's got low lights, candlelit dinners and Italian music, and there's live music on Sundays. It would be great for Valentine's Day. They're offering a really great prix-fixe menu, with champagne and filet mignon."---Victor Valentinyi, 23, Upper East Side

  29. "Pravda on Lafayette Street has a nice atmosphere. Dim lighting, but it's not too dark and it's never too loud. They're in a basement and have lots of booths, so it feels cozy, but in a sort of elegant way. They also have an in-house clairvoyant on Wednesday nights named Lucy and fig-infused vodka, two things that are pretty magical."---Alissa Ambrose, 27; Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

  30. "Turks & Frogs in the West Village. It's cozy and has an incredible wine list, and there are always little nooks to sit in. It isn't the kind of overwhelming midtown or East Village restaurant where you have to jockey for a spot. Plus, it has a green animal and a Middle Eastern reference in the title. I like green things."---Asie Mohtarez, 32; Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

What's the most romantic spot in NYC?

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