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Photograph: Courtesy Carolyn Suzuki Goods

The best Mother’s Day cards for your mom

Show mom how much you care by giving her one (all?) of these funny, sweet and overall best Mother’s day cards out there

Written by
Lauren Rothman

Nobody loves snail mail more than mom. Mother’s Day cards are a fun way to say “I love you” with the lick of a stamp. Most conventional greeting cards are sappy and tacky; here, we’ve curated options that avoid those pitfalls: These are wittily written and beautifully designed. We also suggest you accompany the best Mother’s Day cards (all available online!) with a trip to a day spa, a cocktail at a rooftop bar or a meal at one of the best Japanese restaurants in America.

Best Mother’s Day cards


The award for bestest mom ever goes to your special lady with this sweet “trophy” bursting with blooms.

Bestest Mom Ever card, $5.50 at


Hand-pressed with real gold foil on luxe vellum paper, this beautiful card designed by artist Kristy Kapturowski features an image of lush tropical plants that any mama will appreciate.

Minted tropical foliage card, $6.99 at



Show your mom you appreciate all the good stuff you inherited from her with this card designed by artist Laura Bolter.

Minted I Got it From My Mama card, $6.99 at


While sending an actual physical card to mom is best, sometimes you almost-forget Mother’s Day… so you send an e-card just in time. This cheeky offering recalls all those afternoons spent baking with mama, then indulging in all the “extra” batter together.

Good Moms Vs. Great Moms e-card, prices vary



Another great e-card option for you procrastinators is this yummy-looking picture of a boozy tropical drink that might inspire mom to treat herself at the local tiki bar.

Classy, Sassy Mother's Day e-card, prices vary at


We love it when mom shows up to the party, but we love it even more when she brings wine with her—hint, hint, Mom! (The inside reads, “I wish you'd sometimes bring a big box of wine instead. We can't drink warmth and love!”).

Wine Mother's Day card, $4.25 at



Moms with a healthy sense of humor will get a kick out of this tongue-in-cheek card from justWink. Inside, the text reads, “Because sure, one day seems like more than enough for forcing a human out of your body and then raising it not to be a psycho.”

Psycho Mother's Day card, $5.25 at


Show mom you see the Wonder Woman within her with this splashy card of the superhero herself.

Hallmark Mother's Day greeting card, $5.21 at



Go in with a sib on this colorful “from us” card, packed with a plethora of flattering pop-up messages—like “You’re mom-tastic” and “#1 Mom”—inside.

Hallmark Mother's Day funny greeting card from all, $4.80 at


This beautiful gouache illustration by artist Keiki Brodeur gets at the heart of what it is to be a mom: The ultimate feat of multi-tasking, making all the juggling look effortless.

Multi-taskin' mama card, $4.50 at



Moms are the glue that hold everything together. Show your appreciation with this adorable screen-printed card.

Mom glu, $5 at


Humor for the botanically-minded is a category we can get behind. If your mom’s the same, gift her this cute eye-laden potato on Mother’s Day.

Mom eyes, $4.50 at



This adorable card, printed on an antique letterpress, boasts a sweet sentiment that far-away moms will surely appreciate.

Hippie mom, $5 at


It’s hella hard to keep orchids alive, so don’t burden mom with the gift of a real one. Instead, opt for this gorgeous printed card from artist Becca Stadtlander, reverberating with warm hues.

Orchid for mom, $5 for



Show mom you’re the most enthusiastic member of her fan club with this pretty card hand-printed in Portland, Oregon.

Biggest fan Mother's Day, $5 at


Don’t we all see our moms as fantastic floating undersea goddesses? Let's tell them so.

HL-1396 treasure, $5.50 at


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