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The best Mother’s Day cards for your mom

We’ve rounded up 16 Mother’s Day cards that are sweet but not sappy, and sure to make your mama’s day

Photograph: Courtesy Carolyn Suzuki Goods

Who loves a small gesture more than mom? Mother’s Day cards should be a quick, easy and fun way to say “I love you” (or “thanks for those sweet genes”) with the lick of a stamp. But most conventional greeting cards are sappy, tacky and, well, not great Mother’s Day gift ideas at all. This year, go with one of these wittily written or beautifully designed options, which, with the right note from you inside, will mean so much more than a splurge-y morning at one of the best brunch spots in NYC in your city or, if you’re feeling flush, even a trip to the best spas in NYC (though we’re sure mom would be into that, too). Here are the best Mother’s Day cards to buy this year, all available to order online.

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Best Mother’s Day cards


Pretty pink cherry blossoms and stunning orange ombre for the mom who appreciates a good landscape.

Small Adventure “Mother’s Day cherry blossom” card, $4.50 at smalladventure.com


A cute way to say thanks and get personal on both sides of the card. Thanks for teaching me great penmanship, mom!

Gold Teeth Brooklyn “Thanks for teaching me mom” card, $5 at goldteethbrooklyn.com


For the mom who brings the whole family together (and/or who’s really into crafting).

Dear Hancock “Mom glue” card, $4.50 at dearhancock.com


She’ll totally remember this tune. For extra points, tell her she’s Deee-lite-ful. Get it, mom??

Greenwich Letterpress “Groovy mom” card, $4.75 at greenwichletterpress.com


Look at this adorable little hedgehog family! How could any mom resist?

Red Cap Cards “Hedgehog mom” card, $4.50 at redcapcards.com


Let mom know that you love where you come from—and that you’re eating (and loving) your vegetables.

Egg Press “Roots Mother’s Day” card, $5.50 at eggpress.com


Stepmoms are into gold, right? Kidding! This gold foil card is pretty classy, any type of mother would agree.

Hello Lucky “Best stepmom ever” card, $5 at hellolucky.com


Simple message, stunning execution. It’s all in the details on this pretty, pretty card.

Carolyn Suzuki Goods “Best mom ever” card, $4.50 at carolynsuzukigoods.com


All moms love orchids and witty puns. It is known. Throw in a real live orchid, name it after yourself and she’ll be over the moon.

Fineasslines “Proud to be y’orchid” card, $5 at fineasslines.com


This card is perfectly reminiscent of something you may have actually drawn for your mother in fifth grade.

Yellow Owl Workshop “Best mom” card, $4.50 at yellowowlworkshop.com


Read: Thank you for not raising me to be an unfeeling monster. XOXO!

People I’ve Loved “Traits I inherited from you” card, $5 at peopleiveloved.com


Because grandmas are mas too!

Clementine Store “Grandma I love you” card, $6 at clementinestore.com


Is mom a big Faye Dunaway fan with a sense of humor? Or maybe she just can’t stand wire hangers...

Concrete Lace “I love you mommie dearest” card, $5.75 at etsy.com


For moms who like rhymes, or a special llama who you really appreciate.

Ghost Academy “Dear llama” card, $5 at ghostacademy.com


Okay, so technically this isn’t a card for mom directly. But boy oh boy, would it warm her heart to know if a) two family members were being sweet enough to snail mail each other and b) it was about her.

The Great Lakes Goods “Mom’s awesome” card, $5 at thegreatlakesgoods.com


Keep it simple; just tell her you love her. <3

Hartland Brooklyn “Love you mom” card, $4.50 at hartlandbrooklyn.com