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Cleaning services in NYC
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The best cleaning services in NYC

Get some help with your apartment chores with the best cleaning services in NYC

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Spending more time in your apartment lately? Admit it, it’s probably seen better days. No one is paying you to do your chores any more, so you can either be a grownup and do your own cleaning or turn to one of the best cleaning services in NYC. Sometimes you need professional help, and these cleaning services will come to the rescue, tackling all your dirty laundry, dishes, dusting and more. Some of these services can even help you clean out your closet and get organized.

You work hard for your apartment, so you shouldn’t have to work too hard to keep it clean. Ordering food delivery saves time and effort, so why not get your clean-up delivered? Then you’ll have more time to check out the best new restaurants in the city, explore a museum or plan a dinner party to show off your awesome pad (make that easy too and order from the best wine delivery and best cheese delivery services in NYC).

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Cleaning services in NYC

Anna Harasim started this service six years ago after demand for her solo cleaning work became so high that she had to expand. Her company offers many specialized options, such as emergency spruce-ups for last-minute parental visits, but those looking to vacate their apartments graciously (read: without ticking off their landlords) can opt for the move out service. After you’ve cleared all your crap out, a staffer will scrub and sanitize inside, on top of and behind everything, room by room. It’s well worth the price, especially if it means getting your deposit back before you make your exit. The service is also handy if you’re just moving in and the previous tenants have left behind any unsavory mementos.

Stylist and personal shopper Jessie Freschl takes closet-organizing to a new level. After a consultation where the company learns about your clothing needs—for work, dating and lifestyle—they’ll dig through your wardrobe and discover the hidden gems you should be featuring more often and the beloved old pieces that need to go. After putting up items for sale or donating to your favorite clothing charity, the stylists will maximize efficiency and space within your closet and offer a diagnostic consultation for personal shopping and styling suggestions. Long-standing clients can even opt for an “outfit pairing” service, which provides a custom look-book built from items in your collection.


Sometimes, it isn’t the dirt that’s the problem—it’s the clutter. If your closet is overflowing and your dresser is about to burst, check out Nicole Abramovici and Julia Wright’s Genius Organizing. Their services are customizable, whether you just need one room decluttered or your entire apartment. Over a four-hour-plus session, GO staffers bring their systemizing skills to bear on your walk-in, drawers, kitchen cabinets and any other area of your home that’s crying out for order. They can even help you set up a tag sale or list items on eBay and Craigslist to make bank on all of that stuff you’re finally getting rid of. And don’t worry: No matter your current state of disarray, these ladies won’t judge.

Tap this app for the easiest way to book in-home cleaning. With incredibly affordable hourly rates given at a discount to loyal customers who sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services, the basic cleaning will cover—or uncover, depending on grime and dust levels—all those surfaces. For an extra fee, the background-checked professional will tackle the insides of your cabinets, oven and fridge. If you’re new to your place or just want to redecorate, check out the app’s furniture assembly, wall-painting and picture- and shelf-hanging services.


When it comes to getting a sparkling-clean abode, trust these insured, well-trained professionals with your regular weekly or bi-weekly needs. Plans range from studio ($94 per week) to six-bedroom and include all of the cleaning supplies needed—green and eco-friendly products are used at no additional cost. If you do want to splurge for that truly spotless apartment, you can also add on a load of laundry, clean closets or an hour of organizing to boot.

MyClean brought the standard house cleaning service to the 21st century. After you booking your service online, MyClean will send one of their insured, bonded professional cleaners to scrub every inch of your apartment. Cleaners follow a 50-point checklist, so you know they mean business. The rates are reasonable as well.


TaskRabbit isn’t a dedicated cleaning service, but its army of helpers can certainly deep clean your apartment, pack up your dishes or install a new bookshelf. Just describe your job and voila—the website brings up a list of qualified Taskers available.

The Wizards help make the political situation in your apartment a little brighter: If you and your roomies have been fighting a war of attrition over the dishes piling up in the kitchen or that ominous ring around the toilet bowl, these folks will establish a détente. Their deep cleaning service will allow you to start fresh with a package that includes everything from scrubbing the walls and polishing the faucets to doing the dishes and reorganizing the contents of the fridge. All you have to do is provide your own vacuum cleaner.

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