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  1. arm tattoo main (First Class Tattoo)
    First Class Tattoo
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    First Class Tattoo
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    First Class Tattoo
  4. flower hand tattoo (First Class Tattoo)
    First Class Tattoo
  5. First Class Tattoo 10 (First Class Tattoo)
    First Class Tattoo
  6. First Class Tattoo 1 (First Class Tattoo 1)
    First Class Tattoo 1
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    First Class Tattoo 3
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    First Class Tattoo 4
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    First Class Tattoo
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    First Class Tattoo
  11. First Class Tattoo 8 (First Class Tattoo)
    First Class Tattoo
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    First Class Tattoo
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    First Class Tattoo
  14. First Class Tattoo 9 (First Class Tattoo)
    First Class Tattoo
Custom Award Winning Studio! Book your next First Class Tattoo today!
- First Class Tattoo

Time Out says

This Chinatown tattoo parlour has an eight-strong roster of artists, with more invited in from around the globe. That means there’s quite a lot of expertise available, with a focus on different styles, from black and grey or color realism to fine line, neo traditional and, well, anything you want, pretty much. 

They’ll sort you out with a custom piece and artistically rendered pieces that leverage that expertise. And if you want some cosmetic tattooing to enhance your lips or eyebrows? They can do that now, too. Check out their Instagram to see their work. Looks pretty arty to us.

Written by Time out in paid partnership with First Class Tattoo
First Class Tattoo says
Focusing on custom designs and artistically rendered pieces, First Class Tattoos quickly established itself as a shop of excellence. Bringing in talent from across the globe, First Class Tattoos employs artists with varying styles to accommodate any piece our clients want to get inked.

Mikhail: Mikhail can tattoo most anything, though his favorite designs are made
with saturated color and air along the realm of realism, often include florals or
celestial themes with a painterly approach.

Dmitry: Dmitry's tattoos take many forms and styles and his designs often embody
movement and color in a very painterly way.

Lina: Linas work falls within the realm of blackwork and dark art. Inspired by folklore and fantastical creatures.

Sasha: Sasha is our black and grey fine line and minimal artist & has a playful imagery of life & death & sketch-like aesthetic.

Petr: He specializes in color realism, black and grey, and traditional styles and references pop culture

Radames: Radames is most praised for is exquisite use of color and typically works
with realistic designs. He draws inspiration from street art and pop culture.

Nina: Nina has a style involves saturated color with lovely contrast to balance out her flowy neotraditional and watercolor designs.

Weng: Weng specializes in black and grey work that often depicts imagery used in
the japanese traditional style.

Kevin: Kevin is most known for his bold and and refined black work including imagery that's used in medieval themes.


52 Canal St
New York
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Mon - Sun: 12pm - 10pm
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