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 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)1/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I love clothes that have a y on them,” says Goldberg, referring to his custom Ralph Lauren Rugby sweater. “Maybe it’s vain, but very few people have y as a first initial. I like to celebrate it.” He wears his personalized cardigan with a pair of Ksubi jeans.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)2/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I’d been buying vintage clothes from [eBay seller] For All to Envy ( for years. Last summer, I was at a vintage store on West Broadway and someone approached me and asked where I’d bought the Edmonton Oilers hat I was wearing,” recalls Goldberg. “Turned out, it was the owner of For All to Envy and I’d bought the hat from him. He’d sent me this hat as a thank you for all of my business.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)3/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg bought this used Boston Celtics tee at his favorite vintage store, And Still, in L.A. “I’ve lived in New York for almost seven years but when asked, I always say I’m from Boston,” he admits. “I still rep the Boston sports teams.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)4/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I found these Supra sneakers in the Fred Segal gifting suite at Sundance a few years ago,” says Goldberg of his TUF Vaider kicks. “Since then, I’ve gone through almost a dozen of the same model. They’re my favorite sneakers.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)5/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I manage musicians, and I’m exposed to loud music whenever I go to see them perform,” explains Goldberg. “My parents were concerned that I’d suffer hearing loss, so I went to Audionics ( to get custom earplugs. Now all of my friends are copying me.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)6/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I picked up this jacket the first time I went to And Still,” says Goldberg of his vintage Hulk Hogan Chalk Line jacket. “I wanted the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage version, but it’s impossible to find. I settled for this one.” He pairs it with a Calgary Flames corduroy hat from For All to Envy and fire-engine–red Uniqlo jeans.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)7/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“It’s tough to find a lot of things to go with a graphic Hulk Hogan jacket,” admits Goldberg. “Wearing all red with it seems like the path of least resistance.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)8/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsUnder his Hulk Hogan jacket, Goldberg wears a checkered button-down from Jack Robie (, a shirt company started by his best friend from college.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)9/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsThese vibrant Reebok sneakers were a gift from the shoe company after the Misshapes, whom Goldberg manages, deejayed at a Reebok/Vogue party a few years ago. He wears red Polo Ralph Lauren socks because they “just felt consistent with the rest of the outfit.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)10/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg flashes a custom Goyard wallet that he bought at the brand’s flagship store in Paris. “When I told the salesperson that I wanted the middle y upside down, she was horrified,” he says. “I think she felt like I was defacing it.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)11/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I went to a prep school at which I had to wear a shirt, tie and shoes every day,” says Goldberg. “Now, I don’t dress up often because circumstances rarely call for it, but I still like to wear nice clothes.” A Bergdorf Goodman plaid umbrella, Jay Kos corduroy pants that were part of a custom suit, and the designer’s Chesterfield overcoat shield Goldberg from the elements in style.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)12/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I went to Brown University; this Jay Kos silk scarf is in the school colors,” notes Goldberg. He tops his look off with a Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere hat.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)13/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg’s mother gave him this Chopard 1,000 Mille Miglia GMT chronograph watch as a gift on his 24th birthday. “It commemorates the first car race,” he notes. “The rubber wristband looks like tire tread.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)14/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I was in Paris last summer and my friend Wafaa was wearing these Les Perles de Noa ( bracelets while we were at lunch,” recalls Goldberg. “It turned out the designer made them right around the corner, so she took me to the studio and I had these three made.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)15/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg admired this Jay Kos shawl-collar cashmere sweater for years before he decided to finally buy it.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)16/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I’ve always believed that you get a much better value out of nice shoes than inexpensive shoes,” says Goldberg, referring to these Salvatore Ferragamo cap-toe lace-ups, which he’s worn for four years. “I’ve been meaning to get them polished, but I like the way they look with the leather a little bit scuffed.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)17/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg and his business partner, Damon DeGraff, had these dGi Management varsity jackets custom made for all of the recording artists, celebrity DJs, record producers and visual artists their company manages. “I found the pants in the Hugo Boss showroom a couple of years ago,” he says. “They were a sample they’d made, but no stores bought them and they let me keep the sample. I guess I’m the only guy that wants leather track pants?”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)18/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg found this bag at Commes des Garçons in Tokyo while on vacation three years ago. “I never knew it was a Japanese company until I was there and the cost was a fraction of what it would have been in America,” he reflects.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)19/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“When I was a kid, I loved Zubaz clothing—especially the baggy pants that Vanilla Ice would wear,” remembers Goldberg. “I’ve always liked Olympic apparel, so when I found this Dream Team hat recently, I had to have it.” He further demonstrates his U.S. pride with a red, white and blue Jay Kos logo scarf.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)20/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“Damon and I were Kris Kross for Halloween, and we got the Timbs to complete the costume,” explains Goldberg. “I didn’t think I’d ever wear them again, but I’ve worn them almost every day since I bought them. I actually need a new pair.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)21/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsThis Nike Air Jordan II top from And Still is Goldberg’s favorite sweatshirt. “Girls always compliment me on it, but I don’t think many of them realize it’s really old-school Air Jordan shit from 1987,” he postures. He keeps the look casual with light-wash April77 jeans and a New Era Boston Red Sox 5950 fitted hat.
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)22/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg holds up MTV Press’s Misshapes book. “It’s a collection of photographs from the eponymous party,” he explains. “It’s the best collection of New York style I’ve ever seen in one book.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)23/24
Photograph: Zenith Richards“I was in Paris with DJ Ruckus last year and we walked by a gloves store,” recalls Goldberg. “He thought it was the craziest thing he’d ever seen so we went inside. It turns out this tiny company, Causse Gantier (, makes all the gloves for Louis Vuitton. Ruckus left with a photograph for his blog ( and I left with these blue gloves.”
 (Photograph: Zenith Richards)24/24
Photograph: Zenith RichardsGoldberg purchased these Nike Air Jordan II sneakers on eBay to match his sweatshirt. “I guess only a vintage clothing nerd would notice, but Nike changed the Air Jordan logo after the Air Jordan II’s,” he explains. “So my Air Jordan Vs wouldn’t cut it with the sweatshirt.”

Most stylish New Yorkers: Yoni Goldberg

The talent manager demonstrates his flair for vintage streetwear.

By Cristina Velocci

Yoni Goldberg, 29, partner at dGi Management (, Chelsea

His personal style: “I don’t aim to have my clothes collectively represent a particular style, but a friend once told me that I dress like an ill fourth-grader circa 1992. I take that as a compliment.”

His inspirations: “My grandfather taught me to take pride in my clothes. He was always comfortable and confident in what he wore; that’s stylish. I love sports apparel from the early ’90s. As a result, my closet looks like the mail-order catalogues I’d get as kid, but from which my mom would never buy me anything.”

Favorite stores:Gant Rugger (353 Bleecker St between Charles and W 10th Sts; 212-620-5949, It’s like Steven Alan, but 100 percent better. Its collection, regardless of the season, is perfect for everyday wear. Jay Kos’s (475 Park Ave between 57th and 58th Sts; 212-319-2770, store is unique. There isn’t another destination in New York where you can get designs with his level of innovation or sophistication. I walk past Jeffrey New York (449 W 14th St between Ninth and Tenth Aves; 212-206-1272, on my way home, and every few months I’ll stop inside and there will be something I don’t need, but that I can’t leave without. The clothes and accessories at Paul Stuart (Madison Ave at 45th St; 212-682-0320, look like my grandfather could have owned them, but they fit like it’s 2011.”

His signature accessory: “Solid-colored Red Sox New Era fitted hats.”

Favorite designers: “Alexander Wang ( has always made every girl that wears his clothing look cool and sexy. He’s finally making T-shirts and hoodies for men; the comfort and fit is unparalleled. Jack Robie ( sells shirts that should cost $250 for $85. Jay Kos ( isn’t the best designer in New York—he’s the best designer in the world. The color, creativity and quality of the clothes he makes set him apart from any designer today.”

How he describes New York style: “Successful New York style should be honest and fearless.”

How his style has evolved through the years: “Two decades ago, I used to wear a lot of high-tops, baseball hats, sportswear and neon colors. One decade ago, I wore a lot of designer clothes. Now, I wear a lot of high-tops, baseball hats, sportswear and neon colors. My evolution may be a regression.”


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