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  1. Flash Tattoos

    These geometric glints of silver and gold aren’t just temporary tattoos; they’re jewelry for your skin. If you follow Beyoncé on Instagram, then you’ll know she’s a fan too.

    Flash Tattoos, $22, at

  2. Photograph: Dan Gaye
    Photograph: Dan Gaye

    Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos

    Similar to Flash Tattoos, these shiny gems come in a wide variety of options. Gild your body with tattoo rings, bracelets or even statement design. Bonus: you get a bunch for your buck. 

    Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, $10 for 4 sheets of 70 designs; visit

  3. Tattly

    Love the tatted look, but not ready to commit? These temporary tats are designed by professional artists, so they look like the real deal—no needles necessary. Bonus for those with sensitive skin: These tattoos are non-toxic and printed with vegetable-based ink.

    Tattly $5 for a set of 2, at

  4. Mr. Kate Beauty Marks

    The temporary-tattoo trend—yes, for adults—is anything but childish. Mix and match these watercolor designs to your style—the faux ink allows you to change up your tatted look whenever you want.

    Mr. Kate "The New Makeup" watercolor, $12, at

  5. Freckles

    Freckles have appeared on the runways for the past few seasons, but now everyone can have them. Topshop’s new freckle pencil helps you create those cute—and trendy—faux dots on the spot.  

    Topshop Beauty freckle pencil, $10, at Topshop, 478 Broadway between Broome and Grand Sts (212-966-9555)

Stylish body-art trends for fall

Get ready to see a lot of fake freckles and gold temporary tattoos on trendy New Yorkers

Fall is here (finally!) and that means beauty trends are taking a dark turn. FYI: you'll be seeing more than just bold, red lips and heavy eyeliner this season—you’ll be seeing spots, too. At New York Fashion Week, we noticed models rocking fake freckles down the runways. But, these aren’t the only beauty marks trending now. Temporary tattoos are receiving a ton of hype—and this is the type of ink you won’t regret. From fake tattoos that look legit to shiny tats that appear to be jewelry—save those baggy sweaters for winter and cover up with body art this fall.
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