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The worst gifts we’ve ever received

Take a trip down memory lane with us as Time Out New York staffers shared the worst gifts they’ve ever gotten

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Time Out New York contributors

It's Christmas in New York, and that means it's once again time for gift giving. Unfortunately for Time Out New York staffers we've received some of the worst gifts over the years. It’s not hard to find presents that are better than these (just see some of the best NYC gifts for the holidays) so be sure not to disappoint your loved one this holiday season.

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"An Anne of Green Gables doll from my great aunt. I was 20."
— Melissa Sinclair, photo director

"My dad bought me a New York Giants beanie for Christmas after I moved to the city. I don’t watch football."
—Jennifer Picht, Shopping & Style editor

"A super awkward book about abstinence disguised as a fairy tale called Waiting for True Love."
—Hannah Doolin, associate editor, Time Out New York Kids

"Sand-art kits. These were the gifts people gave to kids in the ’90s when they had no idea what else to buy. We literally had a shelf full of them in my house."
—Evelyn Derico, digital content producer

—David Goldberg, assistant Things to Do editor

"Museum notebooks and magnets from my mom that she bought while I was standing next to her."
—Tazi Phillips, lead content producer

"An eraser. A plain, bubblegum-pink rectangular eraser!"
— Michael Karelis, junior digital content producer

"A ‘These colors don’t run’ American flag poster."
—Tim Lowery, content editor

"A framed autographed picture of Billy Joel from my sisters. Just because I made them listen to his best-of CD on repeat when I was 7 doesn’t mean I need to see his angry old mug in my apartment when I’m 26 years old."
—Tolly Wright, freelance editor

"A friend gave me a framed photo of a random doctor’s office staff. He handed it to me and said, 'I found this in garbage.’'"
—Ben Lerman, freelance editor

"Weight Watchers measuring cups."
—Carla Sosenko, editor

"When I was 16, my parents got me a small key chain of a VW bus. No explanation. Ten years later, I am still very confused."
—Lauren Spinelli, associate photo editor
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