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  1. Wood Thumb Roll & Brew home-brewing game (includes pint glass, 12 recycled-wood dice and recycled-wood coaster lid), $30, at

  2. Paper Plates Press Party Notes coaster set, five for $18, at

  3. Stephanie Theado 14th-century beer stein, $34, at

  4. Fred & Friends Beer Bites snack bowl, $16, at

  5. Artland Oasis galvanized beverage pail with attached bottle opener, $30, at

  6. Save Brands Beer Savers reusable silicone bottle caps, six for $7, at

  7. Susquehanna Glass Company monogram craft-beer glasses, four for $65, at

  8. Wheelmen & Co. Goldman leather koozie, $25, at

  9. RSVP stainless-steel beer mug, $23, at

  10. RedEnvelope Guide to Beer Tasting kitchen towel, $20, at

  11. Libbey beer-flight five-piece set, $34, at

Trend watch: Sophisticated beer glasses and accessories

These sophisticated beer steins, coasters, games and koozies make sipping suds a grown-up affair

After you’ve graduated from Solo cups and beer pong to quaffing craft lagers, these sophisticated beer accessories will help make drinking ale a grown-up affair. Among our finds are letterpress coasters that help you rate your ale, monogram mugs and a home-brewing dice game.
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