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  1. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren SpinelliBloom Beauty Lounge
  2. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    Lavender & Oak shampoo, $28; conditioner, $23; and leave-in conditioner, $28; all at Bloom Beauty Lounge

  3. Butter London nail polish, $10 each, at Bloom Beauty Lounge

  4. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren SpinelliJivamukti Yoga School Boutique
  5. Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant, $90, at Jivamukti Yoga School Boutique

  6. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    Indu room spray, $10; and lotion, $18; both at Jivamukti Yoga School Boutique

  7. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren SpinelliLive Live & Organic
  8. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    Bee Yummy raw-honey skin products, $18–$198 each, at Live Live & Organic

  9. Weleda calendula toothpaste, $6, at Live Live & Organic

  10. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina LaiMiomia
  11. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Osea cleansing mud, $44, at Miomia

  12. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Rahua shampoo, $32; and conditioner, $34; at Miomia

  13. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren SpinelliObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  14. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics cosmetic glitters, $14 each

  15. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Stained gloss, $18

  16. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina LaiThe One Well
  17. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Brooklyn Beach hairspray, $22, at the One Well

  18. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Brooklyn Grooming aftershave, $46, at the One Well

  19. Photograph: Jessica Lin
    Photograph: Jessica LinShen Beauty
  20. Photograph: Jessica Lin
    Photograph: Jessica Lin

    La Crème organic African bee-venom face cream, $210, at Shen Beauty

  21. Photograph: Jessica Lin
    Photograph: Jessica Lin

    Phylia organic hair care, $35–$80 each, at Shen Beauty

  22. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina LaiSkinnyskinny
  23. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Skinnyskinny dry shampoo, $9

  24. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Skinnyskinny bar soap, $10

  25. Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
    Photograph: Lauren SpinelliSustainable NYC
  26. John Masters pet shampoo, $20, at Sustainable NYC

  27. Pangea Organics Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime facial toner, $26, at Sustainable NYC

  28. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina LaiWoodley and Bunny
  29. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Goldie’s Natural Beauty leave-in conditioner, $22, at Woodley and Bunny

  30. Photograph: Alvina Lai
    Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Kjaer Weis eye shadow and lip tint, $44 each, at Woodley and Bunny

Where to buy all-natural beauty products in NYC

These natural-beauty stores in NYC keep grooming rituals chemical-free


All-natural beauty products have increasingly been claiming more shelf space in medicine cabinets and stores alike. Forgo the drugstore aisles for these NYC boutiques that offer chemical-free hair, skin and makeup products. Find men’s grooming at Miomia, high-end labels from Shen Beauty, and worldly products from Woodley and Bunny.

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Bloom Beauty Lounge

After the salon where she was working closed in 2010, hairstylist Clarissa Malek opened this upscale yet unpretentious spa and boutique. Malek personally ensures that every product she carries in the front retail area is effective as well as petrochemical-, sulfate- and paraben-free. Her own organic hair-care line ($23–$28), Lavender & Oak, is made in New York and unscented, allowing customers to fragrance the shampoos ($28), conditioners ($23) and leave-in conditioners ($28) with essential oils of their own choosing or with one of the four pre-made house blends. Many items are also local: Marble & Milkweed makes its rose-and-chamomile Cleansing Nectars ($28) and facial tonics ($28) on Rivington Street, while Joya hand-pours its all-natural artisanal soaps ($14) in Brooklyn. Buy any two RMS coconut-oil cosmetics ($16–$39) and get a complimentary makeup lesson from Malek herself—we recommend the lightweight “un” cover-up concealer ($37) and Living Luminizer highlighter ($39).  (212-255-9355,

  • Sports and fitness
  • Greenwich Village
  • price 2 of 4

Although it now has locations throughout the U.S. and in Europe, this posh yoga school opened its original Union Square location just five years ago. At the flagship’s second-floor gift shop, Jivamukti’s whole-body–minded philosophy manifests itself in the selection of all-natural bath and body products that line the wooden shelves and a table by the register. Beauty buffs will recognize high-end lines such as celeb facialist Tracie Martyn’s plant-based range ($65–$185), including the Amla Purifying cleanser ($65) praised by Liv Tyler, and Dr. Hauschka’s vitamin- and enzyme-rich Cleansing Milk ($37) and Rose day cream ($43). But the main draw is the labels that approach skin care with the earthcentric mind-set of Eastern philosophy. Founded on the principles of aromatherapy and ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of healing and balance, Shaffali Skincare blends each organic mask ($46) and cleanser ($28) with herbs, spices and botanicals. Goddess Oils also incorporates aromatherapy in roll-on essential-oil fragrances ($28) to achieve different effects (Ratri aids in sleeping, while Durga helps energize). Jivamukti convert Marni Task makes lotions ($25), hand-shaking each bottle while blessing it with a sacred mantra.  (212-353-0214,


Live Live & Organic

An East Village staple since 2001, this small but immaculate orange-walled store began preaching the benefits of raw, organic food long before it was trendy to do so. It applies the same unprocessed, straight-from-the-soil philosophy to skin, since the organ absorbs whatever is put on it. True to the shop’s name, nearly every product here is living in some way, whether it be with enzymes or healthy bacteria. Owner Christopher Dobrowolski developed Bee Yummy skin products ($18–$198), which contain raw bee pollen and honey, and are beloved by the likes of Georgia May Jagger—particularly Skin Food ($39), a nutritive moisturizer. Dr. Alkaitis uses only edible ingredients in its eye-makeup removers ($39) and enzyme exfoliating masks ($55), while olive-oil brand Bariani incorporates its finest food-grade oil into ultra-moisturizing body soaps ($12), shampoos ($12) and face-and-body creams ($18). Even the shelf of natural toothpastes—ranging from Earthpaste cinnamon-flavored varieties ($10) to Weleda calendula versions ($6)—sounds good enough to eat.  (212-505-5504,

  • Shopping
  • Williamsburg
  • price 4 of 4

Every product in this small apothecary is carefully selected by owner Katie Chang, who doesn’t believe in animal testing, so don’t expect any mass-market brands stocked on the wooden bookshelves. The largely natural selection caters equally to men and women, and many items are unisex. Luxury skin-care label Osea uses marine formulas, harnessing the minerals and fatty acids found in the ocean for its eye creams ($56), cleansing muds ($44) and algae roll-on face oils ($30). Rahua shampoos ($32) and conditioners ($34) contain fortifying omega-rich rahua oil, found only in the Amazon, to keep locks luscious. Guys often come seeking Ursa Major’s Stellar shave cream ($25), full of essential oils for a supremely close, smooth shave. Should there be any nicks, follow up with Triumph & Disaster’s face cleanser ($29), made with antibacterial tamanu and ultrahealing peppermint oils. (718-490-5599,

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  • Shopping
  • Cosmetics
  • Lower East Side
  • price 1 of 4

In 2004, makeup artist David Klasfeld developed a pair of heavy-duty lip balms that quickly gained popularity among the backstage runway crowd. They’ve since spawned a full line of richly pigmented cosmetics, and while not every product is entirely natural, they are 100-percent vegan, cruelty-free and certified by PETA. At the brand’s darkly accented brick-walled flagship, makeovers ($75) and gratis consultations are done on a walk-in basis. Expect vibrant hues in the brand’s unsmudgeable Lip Tar glosses ($18), cosmetic glitters ($14) and nail lacquers ($10). Many items multitask on eyes, lips and cheeks, including smudgeable Crème Color Concentrates ($20) and loose-powder Pure Cosmetic Pigments ($14). They’re best applied with one of the 11 different professional brushes ($18–$28), whose synthetic bristles couldn’t be softer. (212-675-2572,  

The One Well
  • Shopping
  • Greenpoint
  • price 2 of 4

Owner Kerry Jones worked as a personal chef in the Hamptons before opening this quaint home and body store, and she applies the same farm-to-table mind-set when sourcing products from more than 100 artisans based in the five boroughs. The One Well was one of the first stores to stock S.W. Basics, a line that uses five or fewer ingredients to create each product, such as rosewater-rich facial cleansers ($24). Bushwick’s Meow Meow Tweet makes all-natural cream deodorant ($15) that actually works, while Anima Mundi uses herbs grown by fair-wage farmers in Costa Rica to create its aphrodisiac scrubs ($30). Those looking for a healthy alternative to Bumble and bumble’s cultish Surf Spray will adore Brooklyn Beach hairspray ($22), which relies on minerals to achieve the same ocean-swept effect. Keep facial hair in check with Brooklyn Grooming’s mustache waxes ($24), beard-softening oils ($32) and aftershaves ($46), or tend to mature skin by using Gramercy facialist Cecilia Wong’s firming black-currant eye creams ($58) and capillary-strengthening serums ($88). (347-889-6792,

Shen Beauty
  • Shopping
  • Cosmetics
  • Carroll Gardens
  • price 2 of 4

Former beauty editor Jules Stringer and onetime personal stylist Jessica Richards curate the edited selection of high-end products at this lavender-walled boutique. Since opening in 2010, the store has represented the forefront of the beauty industry, often being the first U.S. store to stock up-and-coming lines sporting the most recent discoveries in the realm of rare, natural ingredients. La Crème’s organic African bee-venom face cream ($210), which keeps Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles’s faces freshly flushed, is exclusive to Shen stateside, as is Legology’s all-natural creams ($95) that promote lymphatic drainage for slimmer-looking legs. The shop is the only place on the East Coast where you’ll find Phylia’s organic hair care ($35–$80), which increases follicles’ keratin production. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal religiously drops in to purchase Amanda Lacey’s cleansing pomade ($100) in large quantities, and we can see why: Customers are greeted with a complimentary hand massage and cookie, or—later in the afternoon—a glass of champagne. (718-576-2679,

  • Shopping
  • Lower East Side
  • price 2 of 4

Equal parts plant store and bath-and-body boutique, this wood-walled shop feels like an herbalist’s garden shed. The store carries its own line, which began as owner Clara Williams’s labor of love, making soap for her mom’s sensitive skin. The name is a portmanteau of skin and NY, attesting to both a made-in–New York pride and the skinny ingredient lists on the products—all free of fillers, synthetics, sulfates and artificial additives. Plant-based oils and butters comprise most items in the minimal selection, including body butters ($20), body and foot scrubs ($26 each), bath-and-body oils ($30), bar soaps ($10), lip balms ($6), dry shampoos ($9–$32) and clean-burning soy candles ($32). Inventive scents such as clementine-and-clove, grapefruit-and-cardamom and black-pepper-and-rose add to the diversity. Priti NYC nail polishes ($14) and soy polish removers ($12) are the only items not made in-house, but the ideology is the same: Both are non-toxic and infused with coconut, soybean and lemongrass oils for creating strong, healthy nails. (718-388-2201,

Sustainable NYC
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques
  • East Village
  • price 2 of 4

Since 2008, this eco-friendly boutique has been beckoning customers with its solar-powered outdoor sign and churning vegan ice cream ($4) in its back café. The original owner sold the store this past February to former manager Valeria Patterson, who has worked to expand the shop’s all-natural beauty selection. You’ll find the complete award-winning line of Pangea Organics ($12–$40), such as its Argentinian tangerine toner ($26), as well as hair and skin products from John Masters Organics ($17–$34), which lets you do your own animal testing with cruelty-free lemongrass-and-flaxseed pet shampoo ($20). All of the shea-butter items from Alaffia ($3–$22)—including coconut-scented shampoos and conditioners ($11 each)—are handmade in Africa using fair-trade labor practices, with profits benefiting education and small businesses in West Africa. The highly potent Dragon’s Blood extract and organic Brazil-nut oils used in Caseb Natural’s body balms ($27) and butters ($17) are sustainably harvested and fairly traded from Peru. Exoticism aside, Sustainable NYC also stocks plenty of the basics, such as Tom’s deodorant ($6), tins of Badger hand cream ($5–$12) and Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soaps ($4–$19).  (212-254-5400,

Woodley and Bunny

Founder Misha Anderson travels extensively to find and form lasting partnerships with quality-focused brands for her apothecary and salon. To help those with strict skin diets navigate the abundance of natural goods, cheat sheets listing the store’s vegan and gluten-free products are available by the registers. Most labels have interesting backstories, such as botanical men’s skin-care line Urth, founded by former cricket player Bob Mah in an effort to create products—such as SPF 15 Face Balm ($42)—that are effective without being prissy. A trio of Australians is behind Gentleman’s Brand Co., whose trio of body wash ($32), face wash ($32) and moisturizer ($36) features biodynamic plant extracts. From South Africa comes African Botanics, offering marula oil—the most antioxidant–rich oil in the world—in its pure form ($80). Closer to home, Rockaways company Goldie’s Natural Beauty creates leave-in conditioners ($22) and argan hair oils ($35) that are quickly gathering a cult following. On the cosmetics side, Kjaer Weis sources its organic oils and waxes from Italy, packaging its shadows ($44, refills $22) and lip tints ($44, refills $24) in refillable Art Deco chrome compacts for less waste. (718-218-6588,

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