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Theater, Musicals New Amsterdam Theatre , Midtown West Open run
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 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin
 (Photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann)
Photograph: Cylla von TiedemannAladdin

Aladdin. New Amsterdam Theatre (see Broadway). Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. Book and additional lyrics by Chad Beguelin. Directed by Casey Nicholaw. With Adam Jacobs, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed. Running time: 2hrs 20mins. One intermission.

Aladdin: In brief

Disney unveils its latest cartoon-to-musical project: the tale of a boy, an uncorked spirit and an aerodynamic rug. Composer Alan Menken adds new tunes to the 1992 original soundtrack, and Chad Beguelin provides a fresh book. Reputed highlights include James Monroe Iglehart's bouncy Genie and the flying-carpet F/X.

Aladdin: Theater review by Adam Feldman

What do we wish for in a Disney musical? It is unrealistic to expect aesthetic triumph on par with The Lion King, but neither need we settle for blobs of empty action like Tarzan or The Little Mermaid. The latest in the toon-tuner line, Aladdin, falls between those poles; nearer in style (though inferior in stakes) to Disney’s first effort, Beauty and the Beast, the show is a tricked-out, tourist-family-friendly theme-park attraction, decorated this time in the billowing fabrics of orientalist Arabian fantasy. “It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home,” sings the genial Genie (a game, charismatic Iglehart) in the opening song, and that’s the tone of Aladdin as a whole: kid-Oriented.

As in the 1992 film, the Genie steals the show from its eponymous “street rat” hero (Jacobs, white teeth and tan chest agleam). The musical’s high point is the hard-sell “Friend Like Me,” in which the fourth-wall-breaking spirit summons wave upon wave of razzle-dazzle to demonstrate the scope of his power. (The number matches the rococo cornucopia of the New Amsterdam Theatre.) Granted three wishes for freeing the Genie from a lamp, Aladdin uses the first to become the extravagant Prince Ali, a potentate worthy of the Sultan’s spunky daughter, Jasmine (Reed); later he takes her for a ride on a flying carpet that more closely resembles a flying Craftmatic adjustable bed.

Aside from the tonic of Iglehart’s djinn, however, Aladdin is short on magic. Director Casey Nicholaw fills the stage with activity, and Jonathan Freeman and Don Darryl Rivera offer ripe turns as a villainous vizier and his squawking sidekick. But the plotting drifts into weightless silliness, with a surfeit of generic padding and glitz. There’s the rub: The musical is called Aladdin, but seems content to be Prince Ali.

THE BOTTOM LINE A carpet with colorful patterns but little texture.

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Venue name: New Amsterdam Theatre
Address: 214 W 42nd St
New York

Cross street: between Seventh and Eighth Aves
Transport: Subway: A, C, E to 42nd St–Port Authority; N, Q, R, 42nd St S, 1, 2, 3, 7 to 42nd St–Times Sq
Price: $69.50–$127.50
Event website:
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    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50 Book online
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50
    • New Amsterdam Theatre $69.50–$127.50

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Aladdin is a spectacular show that lives up to every expectation. The vibrant colors of the costumes and the extravagant set design is mesmerizing. I attended the Saturday night show a few weeks ago with my sister. It was her first broadway show and it certainly did not disappoint. The original story that we all grew up with and loved is brought to life with an unforgettable cast. The Genie and Aladdin actors are spot on, even Iago kills it. 

My only critic would be that the actress that plays Jasmine was certainly the weakest link in the cast. Her shaky, some what nasally, off pitch voice was difficult to get through. The other cast members surly out shined her. 

All and all, If you're looking for an entertaining and exciting production for all ages, Aladdin won't let you down. It's definitely worth the cost of a ticket. 


One of my girl friends won the $30 lottery tickets online for Aladdin, so we HAD to go. The show aspect was amazing - The theatrical effects truly captures your attention the whole time with incredible props and set up. The cast was enthusiastic and filled the theater with joy and laughter. Since this is such a family friendly show, you can't expect a relaxing and undisturbed experience. You definitely have kids running around, talking through the show, or just not able to sit through the entire show. 


Going to a musical is definitely something to experience in New York. The New Amsterdam Theater is in Broadway. the interior is absolutely gorgeous and the red curtain on the scene is beautiful. Presently the show is Aladdin, it's really like in the story. Decors and lights are perfect, they valorize the show. Songs are perfects and you can see the conductor leads musicians under the stage. The genius is hilarious and you can see the moment when Aladdin and Jasmine are on the flying carpet. The show is expensive, so don't excitate to book seats with less visibility (I can assure you that you see the show very well)

Throughout the show I could not help but flashback to when I was in elementary school seeing the movie with my brother for the first time. Aladdin comes to life on stage in a way that only Disney can achieve. James Monroe Iglehart is a force to be reckoned with! The dude straight up takes the show and sprints (ala Usain Bolt style) away with it! He is worth the price of admission alone. Sprinkle in a magic carpet (how does that thing float?!) huge production numbers and the original voice of Jafar and you have an 80's/90's Disney kids dream come true. Adults, don't be afraid. This isn't just for kids. Great night out!


Aladdin on Broadway was such a great time! The costumes are exotic and the dance numbers are incredible. I could not keep my eyes away from the stage! The show was constant entertainment. The show is just like the classic Disney movie, plus some added original songs. I have been waiting so long to see this show. The wait was well worth it. This is definitely one of the top Broadway shows I have ever seen. The last scene put tears in my eyes!

The Genie's performance was amazing. He was very entertaining. I kept laughing throughout the show because of

him. He played the part perfectly. He made the show!


Why take a trip to Disney World when you can hop over to 42nd Street to be transported straight from your seat. Aladdin was a really magical experience - especially since I grew up loving the cartoon movie. We sat very close to the stage, which was incredible - the costumes are my favorite costumes I have ever seen in any production, Disney or otherwise. The sets were absolutely stunning - mind-blowing even, how transformative they are. Every number was super fun and the cast was phenomenal - of course the Genie steals the show. His main number was so fun! 


I still remember the day I saw Aladdin in theaters. It was my 6th birthday and my big brother let me sit in the front seat of his car -- my own version of a magic carpet ride! The sense of adventure, unforgettable music, and Genie's humor made it one of my favorite films growing up, so my expectations were extremely high going into this musical.

The intricate and colorful set design and costumes instantly transport you into the fictional land of Agrabah. I was truly blown away with every detail -- from approaching the Cave of Wonders to the Genie appearing from his lamp. The moment Jafar wishes to become Sultan then Genie was also magical! The performance and set during "A Whole New World" especially did not disappoint as Aladdin and Jasmine went from her window and into a beautiful starry night.

As the film's Genie brought the biggest laughs, so did James Monroe Iglehart. His larger-than-life performance kept you hanging on every move and brought in a surprise medley of songs, includes nods to pop culture, and really brought the wacky fun of the animated character to life!

In the broadway adaptation, the animal sidekicks for Jasmine and Aladdin have been replaced with sets of best friends. While I wasn't crazy about this element, Jafar's parrot Iago was played by the equally scene-stealing actor, Don Darryl Rivera. His physical comedy and timing made him much more than a supporting role!

While the above elements of the show really impressed me, the singing voice of the actress playing Jasmine fell flat. While it may be allergy season, and perhaps only applied to the show I saw, her voice was too nasally for my preference. When a show is known for it's timeless songs, this truly knocks points in my book.

Insider Tip - The actor who plays Jafar in the broadway performance is THE SAME ACTOR who voiced Jafar in the film!

PS -- If you have the opportunity to book a VIP experience it truly is magical!


Seeing Aladdin on Broadway is a perfect way to indulge in fairy tales as an adult.  It's different from the film, but it stands on its own and is a whole lot of fun. James Monroe Iglehart definitely deserved the Tony he won for this role - the energy he brings to the show is infectious and is the core of the whole production.  The show is glitzier and more glamorous than you'd want it to be if you're a film purist, but you can't deny that it's a whole lot of fun to watch.

The kids will love it. But as an adult the show fell flat. Wasn't impressed at all

This show is a must see! Genie will make you laugh the entire time, he definitely stole the show. You will want to sing along to the show the whole time and you will be jealous that your not on stage taking a ride on the magic carpet. The girl playing Jasmine wasn't the best, but over all was a great cast.

If I found a lamp and gave it a rub - and a genie popped out , one of my three wishes would be a a trip to Broadway. Yep, I'm a Brit and to see a show in New York is an absolute treat. I was lucky enough to visit recently and took in a couple of shows Kinky Boots and Aladdin. Truth is I loved them both.

Aladdin worked for me on several levels. The colour, the pace, the energy and pure exhuberance of the cast saw my jet-lag vanish into thin thin air. The Genie had me totally engrossed from the start. Brilliant performance.

You can probably tell from my choice of shows that I was looking for entertainment , not anything too high-brow.

I got exactly what I wanted at Aladdin. It left me on a high. I hear its coming to London, so I look forward to seeing it next in my home town.


The set is to Aladdin as the costumes are to Lion King - they practically define their shows. The revolving city scenes are both fun and exciting, and the choreography is the same. The Marketplace and Cave of Wonders scenes are incredible. I missed Abu, who was written out of the broadway production in favor of a few of Aladdin's streetrat friends. Before Inglehart, I couldn't imagine anyone but Robin Williams who could pull off Genie, but I was drawn into every one of his lines and lyrics - you can tell he truly loves this role. The pacing starts off amazing, but ends with the rise and fall of Jafar in a grand total of about 3 minutes. It felt very rushed and underwhelming, compared to the rest of the story which was so detailed and well-planned. But that didn't deter from the overall experience, which was truly...magical (sorry, couldn't help it!).

I do not know what this show will do once James Monroe Iglehart decides to leave. As in the original animated film, take away the Genie, and you've got a bland story. Iglehart is the heart and soul of the show, stealing it from his very first rollicking number "Never Had a Friend Like Me." Just call the show over after that's done. For sheer production value, Disney coups another win, with a shimmering set. "A Whole New World," while I'm sure the vocals were beautiful, distracts away from the song with the gorgeous set design and audible "oohs" from the whole audience.

If you go into the show, expecting a disney-fied kid creation, then it will be a pretty fun time. Just don't go in expecting the next Lion King.

They do a great job at advertising the show, amazing ads everywhere so my expectations were uber high to see one of my childhood favorite movies on Broadway! The costumes and set were amazing!  Very colorful and fun.  The main actors had great voices. I was a little underwhelmed by the show overall, though. There was a lot of ad-libbing.  You can tell they depended on having the Genie carry the show so he kept going off on tangents and throwing in modern references. It was funny at first, but after a while it was like, ‘Okay can we stick to the storyline, please?” Disney fans are tough! Haha But he did an amazing job. Definitely something to see for the visuals if nothing else.