Men in White

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The Seeing Place looks back on Sidney Kingsley's 1933 medical drama about a surgical trainee whose personal life hemorrhages into tragedy. Erin Cronican directs.


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enjoyable play, a bus mans holiday for this medical professional. The play includes a few dated items such as house staff actually were house staff they lived at the hospital and they could only leave with permission but this knowledge only accentuates the conflict. The theme of professional ambition vs the desire for a personal and romantic life are timeless. A well written and acted play

This was a very enjoyable play, good story and very well acted. The actors brought the story alive and kept the action moving throughout the show. The intensity of the relationship between Dr. Ferguson and his fiancée, Laura, as well as between the Dr. Ferguson and his mentor “Hocky” (Dr. Hochberg), was very believable and heartfelt. The intensity was set off by some wonderful comic relief from crusty old Mr. Hudson and the consistently hungry Dr. Bradley. It was a great show and a very entertaining evening.

An outstanding revival of a play that has moved unfortunately into obscurity but is certainly timely today. The audience chuckled in spots along with me where references to things going on in 1933 were certainly true 80 years later. This is the type of play that Roundabout should consider giving a full-scale revival to, although the Off-Broadway staging here was tight, fast moving and extremely well-acted. Each performer taking their roles seriously and never becoming melodramatic in spite of the story that in weaker hands could have been over-done with soap opera clichés. Issues that were considered "too hot" for the 1934 Clark Gable/Myrna Loy MGM movie but were somehow allowed to be dramatized on stage make this a story for all ages, and reminds us of the importance of serious medical care with professionals who truly care about their patients over what insurance carrier they have.

I know they always say, hey this show really is very modern despite being written in the 30s but I still didnt know what I was going into. I had no idea I was going to relate so much to the main character. I really loved it. I love The Seeing Place Theater. They are just incredible. While watching Men in White, I didnt feel I was watching a play. I felt I was watching people's lives unfold. I've had the pleasure of meeting Erin and Brandon a few times and they really inspire me to just go for what I want in life. I am so grateful The Seeing Place Theater exists. It gives me hope for the idea of art still being able to lift people up, motivate them, make them think and reflect on their lives. Because that's the experience I get there.

Great show- really well chosen, hasn't been done in so long but is so relevant. The theater did a great job of ambience. The music was perfect, the costumes and set all top-grade and they even set the mood before in the lobby with people checking your reservations in Lab coats that went with the costumes and offering to 'prescribe you' snacks and drinks. Really great night at the theater- would go see another show here for sure (especially with the low cost!!).

The performance was compelling and kept me engaged from beginning to end. The time passed so quickly. A great cast, a great show.

wonderful. Go see this. It's amazing how much this troupe can accomplish given the low cost and staging is just fine!

Men In White is wonderfully staged, the cast is excellent. Although it has the feel of the period and locations in which it takes place (New York during the depression), the plot and the themes are as relevant today as they were when the show was written. The tensions between doctors' careers and personal lives are beautifully portrayed in this melodramatic and fast moving show.

From beginning to end, I found myself really engaged by the characters and their situation(s) in this play. Which continued to unfold in unexpected ways. A very large cast (by today's standards), extremely well acted (i.e., totally believable characters), dealing with a "doctor's dilemma" that seems as relevant today as it was in 1933, the year of the play's setting and its first production. After which it won a Pulitzer. Leaving me wanting to know more about the playwright, one Sidney Kingsley, whose bio I sought in vain when re-reading the playbill. But my task here is not to critique the playbill; the performance was excellent.

Fabulous acting, creative staging and the intimacy of the physical theater brought the audience into the lives of these doctors who are experiencing what many doctors still struggle with today. It was a great evening, I enjoyed it tremendously!

Fantastic story-telling and acting!! I thought it was an excellent selection based on what our country is currently going through. Showing we're not much further evolved than we think....? I thought the whole project was highly ambitious and pulled off without a hitch. Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and couldn't wait to come home and tell my husband and others about it. Thanks so much!

Didn't know what to expect -- but wanted to see an early Pulitzer Prize winner. Had a little fear it might be dated. NOT! It was outstanding, engaging, well-directed and with an outstanding large cast. Highly recommend. First time seeing this company -- and would definitely see another show of theirs. Congratulations to all involved. A great value!

Show was excellent. Great theater and tremendous value. Top notch cast and direction. I really enjoyed it.