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BlindSpot Collective mounts an anthology of 12 playlets on themes of modern dating.


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Scottie Lea

Funny, Fast, Real and HONEST are just some of the words to describe Play/Date. A very intriguing concept of plays that leave you wanting more. Actors seem real and genuine. The writing is fun and fanastic. A must see in my opinion!


The vibe at this event has been really surprising. People really connect over this, making it a full-evening experience of shared fun.


My husband always gives me a hard time about eavesdropping on other conversations when we are out to dinner so Play/Date was like my dream come true. We had a great time and are hoping to go back to see the plays we missed. Perfect night out!


Engaging, captivating and different from anything I've seen in ages. There were times I truly forgot I was watching a performance. Now, I want to go back and see the vignettes I missed!


Loved it! The setting was perfect and the DJ in between acts was great. The whole vibe was just fun and relaxed and the actors and plays were funny, sassy and a joy to watch.


A casual and immersive way to mingle with theater. The plays had me laughing in moments and warmed my heart other moments. Great to enjoy a drink while watching and talk about each piece before the next one began.


Really enjoyed this show- so much fun seeing the awkward first dates, sassy waitstaff and various stages of love and separation. Wonderful venue, felt like we were part of the action,hope to see it again!


This is a super fun night! The format is really audience-friendly, and the plays really spoke to the dating experience in NYC. Or anywhere for that matter. My friends and I watched a date, talked about our own good/bad experiences, then watched another date, and so on. The event is innovative and fun, and the Penny Farthing has great drinks and really good food! I'm going back to see more dates!


For anyone that's ever had a first date, awkward date, inspirational date, or just enjoyed someone else's company in the hope that something might blossom...this show is a moving and unique experience. Fantastic!


Smart concept- reminded me of Sleep No More with multiple stagings going on simultaneously, giving the audience an opportunity for a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Nice & voyeuristic, too-- who doesn't want to listen in on other people's dates, with a drink in one hand? Some were smart (the OK Cupid one was particularly brilliant), some were hysterical, some were gross & some were sad. Something for everyone.


SO MUCH FUN!!! The drinks were flowing and the shows were amazing - the first one I saw brought tears to my eyes, the second show had me reflecting on *ssholes I've dated in the past, and the third had me laughing my butt off! I am already planning on going back to mix and match more of the plays!!! A great night out with girlfriends.


What a fun night out! Grab a drink, catch a few shows and mingle with a few new breaking-the-fourth-wall friends - I want to go back to see all of the other simultaneous shows that I missed the first round!


This show was such fun. I loved the way it was set up where you could experience the vibe of a mix and mingle scene by choosing which dating scenario you wanted to see in a given "course." The movement from one course to the next made you feel as if you were at a singles mixer. The writing was witty and clever, and the actors brought the fun irony to life. I highly recommend going with friends!


I loved every minute of this! The concept is so clever, engaging, and relatable, and it was fun and funny to watch!


I went opening night and loved it. As someone who has never loved the sit-and-watch format of most theater, the format of Play/Date - offering the ability to explore, the freedom to see different things, to experience my own bar "reality" - is super refreshing. The execution was excellent and the writing was outstanding and all you'd hope - funny, real, touching (in just the right way), and clever (in just the right way). I highly recommend it - you won't be disappointed. Bring a friend (or two).


The set up of this show alone blew my mind. Casual, voyeuristic. I was hooked from the get-go -- but then, not to disappoint, the writing and the acting is absolutely stellar. Go see PLAY/DATE! Bring your friends and enjoy some absolutely titillating theater in a chic atmosphere.


The concept and execution of this show is fantastic! If you're someone who enjoys people watching, this is totally the show for you! You get to sit back, with a drink in hand, and catch a glimpse of not only hilarious, but also touching and heartbreaking moments from multiple characters. My only suggestion is that if you have a hard time hearing in a larger setting or with a lot of ambient noise [talking] be sure to grab a seat close to where the action is.


This show is an experience not to be missed! I had the opportunity to see it last night and during the event I thought to myself, what an incredible New York memory. Set in a bar with a DJ there are multiple plays going on at once. The content is current and fun for all, single-dating-married-etc. As someone who has been in a relationship for a long time it was fun to revisit dating and feel single but it was also a nice reminder that dating can suck. Grab a drink and be a fly on the wall!


I've seen this show twice already, and can't wait to go back and see it again! Because the performance includes three different "dates" happening simultaneously, in four different rounds, you can literally see an entirely different show on multiple visits... and I aim to see them all. The scenes I've experienced so far were varied -- funny, touching, and even appalling (in very entertaining ways). It's cliché, but I laughed, I cried, and I connected with the performers. The writing is superb, with many of the characters showing bits and pieces of personality that I recognize from myself and from dates I've been on. And it doesn't hurt that the actors are charming, talented, and beautiful. In a couple of scenes, you'll even hear some surprisingly good musical performances as well. Get there right at 7:30 so you can find a good spot. Pay attention to the "menu" that shows which scenes will be in each spot and when, so that if you find yourself really enjoying a specific performer you can quietly follow him/her to the next "date". And surprisingly, the food ain't bad either, so grab a bite of dinner before or after the show while you're there.