Polanski Polanski

Theater, Drama
Grant Neale plays film auteur Roman Polanski—influential artist, Hollywood royalty, Holocaust survivor and, oh yeah, accused child rapist—in a solo play by Saviana Stanescu, directed by Tamilla Woodard.


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WOW! Grant Neale is amazing in this production of Polanski Polanski, the artistic direction makes this a play a must see. Small theatre like this is what going out it all about. We loved it and Grant should be hailed for the incredible performance.

Beautiful production! Very poetic, in the best possible way. I don't like Polanski but I love his films. This play/performance is not about judging him, it's about exploring a troubled yet brilliant mind. Kudos to the artistic team! An intriguing well-crafted play - I loved the "refrain" FLASH BACK, FLASH FORWARD - FLESH BACK, FLESH FORWARD (I hope I got it right :). Grant Neale is terrific! The directing is great and the design beautiful. I wish I could see this show in Manhattan though. I know, it's kinda shallow to say that but many of my friends didn't come with me because it was in Queens :(

GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!! Grant is committed to the physical and emotional life of Polanski! It's also pretty eerie how much he LOOKS LIKE HIM!!! WOW!! Great experience.

Excellent show! The writing is astonishing - poetic and provocative, the performer is amazing, the directing and the design are remarkable. Bravo! This is what I want to go to theatre for. Plays that challenge me and make me think.

Grant Neale is a genius and a physical wonder! This piece is provocative and fascinating. Seen it three times and counting. Not to be missed! I would bring everyone I know, because each person would have new insight into this story. The writing is lyrical, the direction inspired . . . And Grant Neale a wonder to behold. Go!

Grant Neale as Roman Polanski gives a tour de force performance filled with intensity, introspection, extroversion, and a stunning range of physicality that spoke sometimes more than the words themselves. The play is a beautifully written tone poem by a Romanian playwright about the problematic director, known for his great films and also unfortunately for his drugging and engaging with a minor (not to mention his family being killed by the Manson family!). The play uses few props and set pieces but among them is a cleverly used live handheld video camera projection. The paltry number of stage objects is no matter, because Mr. Neale fills the stage, the role, and the play with his considerable talents. He keeps us in the palm of his hand from beginning to end!

Breathtaking performence, which forces you to think about what happened and that not everything is just black and white.

Personally, I find Polanski the abuser repugnant and would prefer not to think about him at all. In his impressively physicalized portrayal, however, Grant Neale also conveys the feverish genius that infuses Polanski's film work. The dichotomy makes for an intriguing interplay.

Grant Neale is captivating in his performance. The script. The visual. Haunting but still human.

Polanski Polanski is an exciting foray into psyche of mr polanski its difficult to fathom being mr polanski but this piece clarifies his actions and conveys him living life with abandon Grant neale is pure magic he transforms into him on all levels his performance is astoundingly brave and impressive and 70 min flew by i absolutely loved it