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 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)1/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyThe cast of The Bad and the Better
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)2/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyCassandra Paras (Matilda)1. What is bad? Michael Jackson was bad and he knew it.2. What is better? Peter Jackson.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)3/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyAnna Stromberg (Faye)
1. What is bad? Uniforms.
2. What is better? Forming ewes.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)4/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyByron Anthony (Nino)
1. What is bad? Legally Blonde.
2. What is better? Starship Troopers.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)5/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyChris Lanceley (John March)1. What is bad? Ignorance.2. What is better? Bliss.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)6/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyChristopher Wharton (Edmond)
1. What is bad? Drunken fights with your girlfriend.
2. What is better? Semidrunken make-up sex.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)7/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyClyde Baldo (Zorn)
1. What is bad? Calling out your own name during sex and pronouncing it wrong.2. What is better? A ménage à trois with two people you are really turned on by.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)8/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyDan Stern (Newscaster)1. What is bad? Life without good to point out to you what’s bad.2. What is better? Living the dream and accomplishing your goals…like being in an awesome show with awesome people.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)9/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyDavid Lanson (Eugene Moretti)1. What is bad? An indecisive mohel.
2. What is better? Oreos and peanut butter.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)10/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyDavid Nash (Venus)
1. What is bad? Lies.
2. What is better? Ponies.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)11/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyEdgar Eguia (Cop One)1. What is bad? Four Loko.2. What is better? Shakeology.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)12/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyJames Kautz (Justice)1. What is bad? Capitalism.
2. What is better? An anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian, nonhierarchical, from-below and to-the-left social organizing of federated, autonomous, global tribes where the ideals of wealth are based in social and spiritual depth and commodifications of the human person (heart) no longer exist.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)13/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyJames Rees (Cop Two "Joey," Homeless Man)
1. What is bad: Getting stuck on the subway when you're in a hurry.
2. What is better: Seeing Radiohead live.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)14/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyJordan Tisdale (Julio)1. What is bad? Genocide.2. What is better? Cookies.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)15/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyJudy Merrick (Connie)
1. What is bad? Orgy in relationship.
2. What is better? Orgy single.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)16/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyKelley Swindall (Jane March)1. What is bad? “Shark Tank.”2. What is better? “Shark Tank.”
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)17/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyNick Lawson (Scotty)
1. What is bad? Hemorrhoids.
2. What is better? Bowel movements.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)18/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyPenny Bittone (Lenny)1. What is bad? Growing this squirrel tail on my upper lip for the run. 2. What is better? Sending herds of hipster dudes running to the razor.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)19/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyRegina Blandón (Inez)1. What is bad? Hypocrisy.2. What is better? Hard work. And Mexican food.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)20/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyReuben Barsky (Protestor/Student) 1.What is bad? Being an out-of-work actor in New York.2. What is better? Being in a kick-ass show!
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)21/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographySarah Lemp (Miss Hollis)
1.  What is bad? Not knowing.2.  What is better? Knowing that you don't know.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)22/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographySarah Roy (Julie)1. What is bad? Black pudding.
2. What is better? Sunday roast.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)23/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographySelene Beretta (Charity)1. What is bad? Intolerance.2. What is better? Compassion.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)24/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyUgo Chukwu (Gun Dealer, Detective Becker, Leon)1. What is bad? NY football Jets.
2. What is better? NY football Giants.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)25/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyVanessa Vache (Student One, Medical Examiner, Ash)
1. What is bad? Missed opportunities.
2. What is better? The inspiration to move forward.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)26/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyWade Dunham (Bobby) 1.What is bad? Letting July 21st sneak up on you and missing Derek Ahonen’s The Bad and The Better at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater. 2.What is better? Getting your tix today for The Bad and the Better. You don't want to miss it!
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)27/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyWilliam Apps (Lang)1. What is bad? The bigots, the hypocrites and the backstabbing bastards.2. What is better? Knowing that love heals all that shit, and we all breathe the same air, bleed the same blood, and in the end we'll all have to answer for it.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland Photography)28/28
Photograph: Courtesy Russ Rowland PhotographyDerek Ahonen (Playwright)
1. What is bad? Technical shit messing up my play.
2. What is better? When everything goes as designed.

The Bad and the Better: Portraits of the Amoralists

A guide to all 26 cast members—and the author—of Off Broadway's The Bad and the Better, the latest hit from the Amoralists.

By Adam Feldman

Off Broadway plays as huge and wild as the Amoralists' The Bad and the Better—which has a whopping 26 actors in the cast—don't come along too often. It's hard not to be impressed by the sheer urban sprawl of this twisty thriller about conflicted cops, corrupt politicians and an Occupy Wall Street–like protest group. This rogues' gallery features individual photos of the entire cast of characters (plus playwright and Amoralists cofounder Derek Ahonen). We hope you enjoy the glimpse these pics offer into the mad, mad world of The Bad and the Better.

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