The Chocolate Show!

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 (Photograph: Carol Rosegg)
Photograph: Carol Rosegg
The Chocolate Show
 (Photograph: Carol Rosegg)
Photograph: Carol Rosegg
The Chocolate Show
 (Photograph: Carol Rosegg)
Photograph: Carol Rosegg
The Chocolate Show
 (Photograph: Carol Rosegg)
Photograph: Carol Rosegg
The Chocolate Show
 (Photograph: Carol Rosegg)
Photograph: Carol Rosegg
The Chocolate Show

The Chocolate Show! 47th Street Theatre (see Off Broadway). Book and music by Alan Golub and Laura Goldfader. Lyrics by Golub. Directed by Dan Foster. With ensemble cast. Running time: 1hr 30mins. No intermission.

The Chocolate Show!: In brief

The winsomely daffy Emily McNamara plays a cocoa-bean queen hosting a pageant to choose her successor in this new musical comedy by Alan Golub and Laura Goldfader. Dan Foster directs.

The Chocolate Show!: Theater review by Raven Snook

Like one of those artisanal candies that combines too many disparate ingredients, The Chocolate Show! doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it an interactive comedy about Cookie Conwell (cabaret stalwart Emily McNamara), who’s reluctantly passing on her World Queen of the Cocoa Bean crown to one of the hungry contestants pulled from the audience? Or is it a musical revue of mostly vanilla songs about sweets? Or perhaps it’s a campy history lesson about the evolution of chocolate, because yes, that’s mixed in there, too.

Real-life chocoholic couple Alan Golub and Laura Goldfader’s confused confection fares best when it sticks to being a tween-friendly romp. My eight-year-old ate it up, literally (samples are dispensed), and got the added treat of stage time during one of three mildly amusing participatory segments in which competitors show off their chocolate-related art, modeling and trivia skills. The history-of-cacao bits are forgettable, not to mention lost on younger viewers. And then there are the tunes, which, though performed with gusto by the ensemble (Laura D'Andre, Talene Monahon, Andrew Pandaleon and James Patterson) and live band, don’t have much flavor, save for one. Sung dreamily by Monahon, “Kids Again” is a wistful ode to the power of chocolate to turn grumpy grown-ups into gooey children. It’s one of the few moments worth savoring in this otherwise bland, over-long attraction.—Theater review by Raven Snook

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I also found this show wonderful! It is about Chocolate after all! The music and lyrics were fun and interesting, There was a lot of laughter in the Theater. There was something for everyone, especially for the true Chocoholic as I am myself, the show is a bright spot in a dreary world. How great to center a show around the one thing so many of us love to love!! So glad they gave out chocolate as the show made me crave it, (of course, I had brought my own, anyway - must always be prepared!) Loved Emily McNamara, very funny, great ad lib, so many scenes were so true for me, Other singers were wonderful too. This show , with the audience interaction (wonderful) , great music, I cannot see how this gem of a show could not be liked by anyone, unless they were pretty vanilla.... ..mmm


My Husband and I, admittedly chocolate lovers, decided to check out this show last weekend and are glad we did. The performers were all talented and engaging. The music was varied and catchy. The audience involvement was fun and we left the theater happily humming some of the music.


I thought the point was that it was a variety show so there was a little of everything. That's what was so fun about The Chocolate Show, you can get involved in the story of Cookie Conwell, laugh at the catchy musical numbers in between and then come back for the conclusion. The show isn't trying to be just one thing and that's why it stayed entertaining and unpredictable the whole time.


I found the show original and fun and a great break from a stressful life! The musical performances were fantastic along with the creative scenes of how chocolate was discovered. The cast was fantastic and the Chocolate Queen made the whole audience laugh. It is a perfect way of getting a few laughs while enjoying some free chocolate provided for the audience. The one and a half hours went by quickly as the show was engaging and just a great way spending an evening out!


Why does everything have to have a "target demographic" these days? Most of the best shows have something for everyone, The Chocolate Show included. It's truly a family show and like chocolate the show is a sweet treat with many varieties. I got pulled up on stage for one of the interactive bits and walked away with chocolate in the end. So great. And truth be told, I had been having a crummy day before I went to see the show and just like a good bar of chocolate does, the show cheered me right up!


I loved The Chocolate Show! First and foremost, the music was MEMORABLE - I can't get the tunes out of my head. How often does that happen? Chocoholics Anonymous, The Cupcake Song, Mocha Friday, The New Wine, The Chocolatier Song - all great songs! Second, the lyrics were SO clever, witty, funny, charming and contemporary! Third, the cast was terrific - strong singers and performers who have a real rapport and obvious enjoyment of each other and the show. Fourth, audience participation and chocolate gifts throughout - what could be better than that for a chocolate lover? And we are talking quality, premium gourmet chocolate - given as gifts because "everyone deserves chocolate!". The Chocolate Show is a delightful treat!


My wife and I saw the show this weekend and really enjoyed it. We're chocolate lovers ourselves and thought it would be up our alley. It definitely was! We actually learned quite a lot about the history of chocolate, had a lot of laughs and were entertained by many fabulous songs and dance numbers. I was called up during one of the audience participation segments and had a blast getting on stage. We recommend the show for anyone - younger or older - who wants a fun-filled comedy with great singing and music.

LJ Lee

I really enjoyed this show - so I disagree with this reviewer's rating. We went because my daughter really loves theater and we went through the listings of affordable musicals and found the Chocolate Show. We didn't know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. The show has many catchy, fun tunes. We laughed and sang the songs for days. The female singers were especially great. All in all, we had a really fun night.


And why can't it be "all of the above"?! This show isn't just something for everyone, it's got everything for chocolate lovers of all ages. From the witty music to the wacky history of our favorite food to the nutty Queen of the Cocoa Bean who ends up... Wait. I'm not going to give it away. People should see this show and decide for themselves.


I adored this show! Strong performances and something for everyone in the sweet songs. A show for the entire family, but not just a kids' show. Adults will enjoy every scrumptious minute.

John Hanlon

I loved this show! And like one of the songs in this fun musical, It made me feel like a kid again. What could be better than combining music and chocolate! Laura D'Andre did a superb job singing "I'm a Chocoholic". Her voice was smooth and strong and her comedy reminds me of Carol Brunett. Andrew Pandaleon had me laughing out loud by his portrayal of King Montezuma, as did James Patterson's rendition of a transcendental guru. Talene Monahon as a vanilla cupcake had me actually preferring vanilla over chocolate, at least for a moment. And Finnaly there is Emily McNamara. She had me believing that the World Queen of the Cocoa Bean is really a worthy career goal. This show has something for everyone and it flows so well from great acting to great comedy to great music. I am still humming the songs.


I found The Chocolate Show! to be a delightful evening, with lively songs (loved the Cupcake song with Vanilla and Chocolate competing to be bought up from the bakery shelf), really strong performances and a sweet story that appeals to all ages. I had a smile on my face from start to finish!