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Theater superfans

Theater in New York: Superfans’ tweets

Through Twitter and crazy devotion, they’re the stage-door johnnies of the 21st century.


Broadway and New York theater have always drawn their share of devoted—not to say obsessive!—fans. And the advent of Twitter and other social media has given today’s stage-door johnnies a public platform from which to share an infectious excitement about theater history, writers and performers. They tweet their enthusiasm copiously—along with their inside jokes, drive-by snark, strong opinions and intense emotional investments. (For the excitable Tyler J. Martins, “I’m crying!” has become a catchphrase.)

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We’re compiling a list of the city’s most devoted stage followers—we call them “Theater Superfans”—over at our Theater feed, @TimeOutTheater. If you think you belong there, tweet us at our Theater handle and let us know. Be warned, though: Spend enough time in this company, and you may come to feel that all the world’s a stage door.

Here’s a sampling of some recent theater mania:

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