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Woman of Leisure and Panic

4 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

Charlotte Bydwell’s one-woman show invites the audience inside the head of a twentysomething actor who spends her days in a shoebox apartment, navigating auditions, bill collectors and the boss at her new hostessing job. Of course, allotments must be made for the occasional splurge: a dinner of fine braised meats, or a trip to the beach (paid for by the parents, of course). But at what point does the balancing act fall apart? As the show progresses, Bydwell fills in a bulletin-board-size calendar, blocking out family obligations, work shifts, dinner dates, “creative time” and a grueling fitness regime. The tangled schedule grows as Bydwell launches into frantic dance aerobics every time her internal exercise siren goes off. For frazzled New Yorkers, it’s a familiar story, but one that benefits from the performer’s sharp comic timing and flurries of karate-meets–boot-camp interpretive dance.—Andrew Frisicano

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$18, advance $15
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