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#6: 11 fabulous status updates from your friends in Los Angeles and what they really mean

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Your friends from LA have the best Instagram photos and Facebook updates. It seems as though everyone in LA lives a fabulous Hollywood lifestyle. But in reality, life in LA is not so amazing. This is what your friends in LA really mean when they say...

1. “Walking the red carpet!”
While dropping off my dry cleaning, I noticed that my dry cleaner has a red carpet so I snapped a photo of myself walking on it.

2. “Chilling at a Hollywood pool party.”
I managed to sneak my way into a friend-of-a-friend’s place in Burbank and he has a pool.

3. “Doing lunch.”
I got takeout at Chipotle but checked into Château Marmont.

4. “Shopping on Rodeo Drive.”
My dentist’s office is near Beverly Hills and I got a photo of the Rodeo road sign while walking back to my car.

5. “I hate June Gloom.”
It was cloudy for a few days in June and I’m pouty.

6. “Ran into Ashton Kutcher.”
I was celebrity stalking at Runyon Canyon, ran up to this guy who may or may not be Ashton, and made him take a photo with me.

7. “At the beach in January.”
It’s cold AF, but since all my friends think I live on the beach, here’s a photo of my feet in the sand.

8. “At the Oscars!”
I went to Hollywood the night before the Oscars, got a photo next to the red carpet setup, and posted it the next day.

9. “Enjoying the LA art scene.”
My friend from Ohio wanted to go to LACMA.

10. “Stuck in traffic on Mulholland.”
Stuck in traffic on Mulholland. 11. “My stylist got me the best designer dress to wear tonight.” I bought this dress from Niemen Marcus today, will wear it tonight, and return it tomorrow.

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