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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

#3: 20 LA online dating clichés and what they actually mean

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If you’re looking for digital love in the City of Angels, you’re bound to run into many familiar phrases when perusing through those OkCupid and Tinder profiles. Here are 20 LA online dating clichés and what they actually mean.

1. “Loves hiking”
I walked halfway up Runyon Canyon before getting tired and turning around.

2. “Independent and resourceful”
My dad only pays half my rent.

3. “Just moved from NY”
The only thing I will talk about is how great New York is and how Los Angeles isn’t a “real” city.

4. “Creative, artsy type”
Unemployed actor.

5. “Loves exploring the city”
I rotate between the same three bars in West Hollywood every weekend.

6. “Gym rat”
I take more selfies at Equinox than actually exercising.

7. “I’ve been known to spend the occasional Friday night at home”
I have no Friday night plans because none of my friends live in the Valley.

8. “Travel junkie” – I went to Italy once three years ago.

9. “Mexican food addict”
The only tacos and burritos I eat are from Chipotle or El Pollo Loco.

10. “Loves cooking”
I regularly pick up to-go sushi from Ralphs for dinner.

11. “I live in Santa Monica/Venice”
I know nothing of Los Angeles beyond Santa Monica/Venice.

12. “Loves Disneyland”
I’m only using you for your Disney pass.

13. “Vinyl record enthusiast”
I went inside Atomic Records on Sunset once when I first moved here.

14. “Craft beer snob”
I sometimes drink Sierra Nevada seasonal beers.

15. “Loves museums”
I’ve been to the lamps at LACMA but never inside the museum itself.

16. “I live in Silverlake/Echo Park”
I actually live in Westlake but don’t tell anyone.

17. “Loves Improv comedy”
I saw a show once at UCB and now feel qualified to be on SNL.

18. “Total nerd”
I enjoyed “The Avengers.”

19. “Loves the beach”
I spend 30 minutes at the beach once a month before getting bored/deciding it’s too hot and leave and never once actually go in the water.

20. “Not your typical SoCal girl”
I’m your typical SoCal girl.

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