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31 reasons New York kicks LA’s ass

The food, the people, the fact we have actual seasons…we honestly struggled to stop at 31

Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock

New York is better than Los Angeles. This is a fact (to New Yorkers, at least). We've compiled 31 solid reasons for residents of NYC to brag, but don't worry—in the interests of fair play, our frenemies at Time Out Los Angeles have concocted a (dumb, stupid) list of their own. Scroll to the end of the piece to see their response!

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1. New Yorkers don't have to spend upwards of three hours a day trapped in their cars. Walking! Ever heard of it? It's nice.

2. We don't have an instant panic attack the moment we smell carbs.

3. New York stinks of weed just one day out of the year.

4. Madonna lives in New York when she's a cool rock star, and LA when she's a creepy, desperate actor.

5. We actually have seasons here. Sure, LA residents felt pretty smug when NYC was frozen in the frigid depths of wintry hell this year, but watching the whole city burst into life each spring is wonderful. When it's 78 degrees and sunny every single day, what do you have to look forward to?

6. LA has really great Mexican food. New York has really good EVERYTHING ELSE.

7. NYC may have quite a bit of noise, but one thing you don't hear amidst the honking, screeching of trains, jackhammering and yelling? Coughing. Because we don't live in a dense layer of smog.

8. It's possible to walk more than five blocks in New York without encountering a reality TV show's worth of Botox accidents and wonky boob jobs.

9. We can go out drinking whenever we want, without the hassle of trying to find a designated driver. And if the bar we're in sucks (which it almost never does), there's always half a dozen more a stone's throw away.

10. No one in NYC wears Juicy Couture sweatsuits to walk around outside.

11. Our restaurants are not only amazing, but they serve food in normal portions that a human being can actually be expected to finish.

12. We have Brooklyn, which is now shorthand for indie cool all over the world. They don't talk about "très Brentwood" in Paris…

13. You're far less likely to be run off the road by a crazed paparazzo chasing Lindsay Lohan around hoping for a drunk upskirt shot.

14. It's possible to make friends and/or be successful in New York without joining an alien-worshipping cult.

15. You can meander happily for an entire day in New York with no idea where you'll end up. In L.A., you'll drive to one cool neighborhood, go into the three or four places they have there, then get into your car and go to another "cool" place. It's too structured, dammit!

16. Our city doesn't have the creepy-as-hell vibe of Mulholland Drive. [Shiver]

17. People in New York don't turn their nose up at you when you tell them you don't work in the entertainment industry.

18. We have far fewer parking restrictions in NYC. Alternate-side parking for street cleaning is the bane of our lives, yes. But trying to decipher five parking signs posted on top of each other in LA for 30 minutes and then walking back to your car and finding a ticket? YOU'RE KILLING ME.

19. If any of your New York friends are working on a script, they're polite enough to keep it to themselves.

20. We get to enjoy sriracha sauce without the eye-searing fumes from the factory invading our homes.

21. Gridlock traffic at 2am on the freeway? Get the eff out of here.

22. NYC's most famous movie quote—"I'm walkin' here!"—is active, tough and taking no shit. LA's most famous movie quote—"I'm ready for my close-up"— is passive, self-involved and delusional.

23. New York has an enormous, intricate, historically significant subway system. Los Angeles has a plastic model train.

24. Honesty. In New York, people will tell you if you look fat. In LA, they'll express "concern" over your "unhealthy lifestyle."

25. New York is one city easily divided into five self-contained subsections. Los Angeles, confusingly, has cities (West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, maybe others?) contained within its city limits that are surrounded on all sides by Los Angeles proper. It's as if Harlem, Midtown West and the East Village were separate cities—with separate laws and rules—from the rest of Manhattan. It's weird and bad, and obviously a big problem when getting public-works projects done. And did we mention it's weird and bad?

26. The air-conditioning in our restaurants is set to "cool down a person," not "freeze a woolly mammoth inside a glacier for 10,000 years."

27. New York is the country's fashion capital. You see New Yorkers on the street every day out-glamming LA's laid-back look, and check the difference between our red carpets! The Met Gala beats the Oscars every time.

28. Walking down the street in New York gives you a sense of cultural history. Walking down the street in LA gives you asthma. 

29. We know how to use avocados in moderation (seriously Angelenos, they do not go with everything).

30. NYC has Broadway, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, Lincoln Center, Museum Mile and more than 200 galleries in Chelsea alone. Meanwhile, LA's most prestigious concert hall is named after the creator of Donald Duck.

31. Our stereotypes can totally beat up your stereotypes. 

See LA's response:31 reasons LA kicks New York's ass

Have your own reasons New York kicks LA's ass? Share them in the comments section below.


Alison X

Surprised no comments here about the miserably cold NY weather right now. It's currently about 10-15F, feels like 0F due to wind chill. Most of the pluses of New York can only really be enjoyed for a few months out of the year, the rest of the time it is too hot or too cold. Unfortunately those months are also peak tourist season so you have much larger crowds for everything entertaining you want to do. 

Ironically, LA would be a more ideal place for a pedestrian oriented city like NY whereas NY would be better for a city oriented around cars due to the weather (minus Manhattan since it's too small to really develop a car-oriented city around). That's not how things played out though so we have smoggy, sprawling but comfortable and in some areas beautiful LA and exciting, bustling, adventure-packed NY where locals end up spending way too much time indoors because it is too cold to be outside for 2 to 3 months every winter and too hot and humid to be outside for long for about 2 months during the summer. 

James O

You are "delusional" LA is far better . California in general is better. Why would anyone want to live in a city with douche bag ass holes with weird accents. And who the fuck wants to "walk" everywhere . Sure it's good exercise, but come on. LA kicks new Yorks ass any day.

@James O wrong. I live in new york and i think LA is a fantastic city but there isn't much to do there except for going to a beach (which u can do in new york). Its better to walk in a city or travel by train then to get stuck in traffic and smog. New yorkers are real and are honest while people in LA are assholes who are fake friends with fake bodies aswell. I like both cities but new york wins for me

Joaquin G

For someone that has repeatedly told others that NY gets stereotyped by LA it’s funny that you’re doing exactly the same. It really sounds like you’re talking about The OC and 90210 instead of the real LA. Even if you only stay on the Westside of LA, there aren’t as many of the typical TV Angelenos as TV shows make it out to be. South LA, East LA, and the Valley never even make it on TV and that’s where you find most of the native Angelenos. By the way, DTLA is very walkable, and much of LA is bike friendly.

Sam j

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Johnmichael C

Sorry but as a born and raised New Yorker half of these aren't even real reasons. Looks like LA might be winning.

Alec V

I was about to say the same thing

@Johnmichael C I am from new york too. LA is a great city but all of there facts about new york are false. These are mostly real facts. LA stereotypes New York way too much

Jae S

New Yorkers have the best sense of humor, eliciting loud raucus guffaws. LA? Not so much. Except their accent...that is a whole load of ridiculous in itself.

Martin K

Reads like a list a bitter ex-lover would compile about why they are better off without the person who dumped them. btw, the funniest thing about these NY vs LA articles... only New Yorkers write and obsess over this. Kinda says it all.

Shrish J

The most famous woman of all time, the greatest entertainer on the planet, the freakin' Queen of pop, Madonna herself chooses NYC over LA unlike the Madonna wannabes that live in LA. Taylor Swift lives in NYC too. I am 15 and I find New york way cooler than LA. 

Allison H

For everyone dissing NYC, why don't you come east here and enjoy our amazing city with some friends? Don't look at our bad side before enjoying the good one. 

  • And food ... it's great if you know where to look. 
  • Our culture = amazing. Look up Ellis Island if you want to contradict me on this. 
  • And our weather? Maybe you should consider the fact we have snow and seasons! 
  • I don't live in a tiny apartment paid with my entire salary ... maybe you shouldn't be so general. 
  • Also, are you stating you have not one mouse in your city? I don't know ... maybe for obvious reasons, I don't believe that's true. 
  • Mean attitudes ... what is this: high school? Maybe you just have to learn to ask nicely and without an attitude. Don't expect someone to answer when you think they're mean, self-centered, and ignorant people. 
  • And the Met Gala ... it's FUNDRASING! The Oscars is an award ceremony! Maybe you should compare! 
  • Besides 5th Avenue or whatever famous shopping place LA has? Definitely 5th Avenue without a doubt! 
  • We have The Hamptons ... what do you have LA? 
  • Not to mention ... do you have the millions of people watching your ball drop from Times Square? Oh wait ... you don't have a ball to drop on New Year's or the millions watching it! 
  • No sunsets in NYC? Are you crazy? I get amazed every single time I see the sunset or sunrise!
  • The Brooklyn Bridge ... one of the oldest bridges in the US. Walk it during a sunrise! Beautiful! The Golden Gate Bridge can't even compare!
  • American Musuem of Natural History ... one of the largest musuems in the world! You can;t say you have a better musuem in LA than that!
  • We're not all flashy or stuck-up ... honestly, I take the first thing in my closet if it's fit for the weather! 
  • The UN Headquarters is in NYC! If you don't know what that is then ...
  • The Flatiron Building ... an amazing architecture! 
  • The Met is THE largest art musuem in the US and one of the most visited in the world. I wonder what that says? 
  • 2 World Fairs held in NYC. How much history can those 2 places hold?
  • We're not called "The City that Never Sleeps" for no reason! You should definitely see NYC at night. 
  • If you appreciate cars, wait for the New York International Auto Show. 
  • Traffic: Why do you think we walk and take the subway?

P.S., I'm not saying LA isn't amazing either! Its just that my blood boils when someone disses NYC based on idiotic stereotypes. (I have amazing friends in NYC and we're not all that mean! Besides, if mean people don't exist ... what is life?)

Samantha C

@Allison H I'm actually incredibly impressed with the museums in LA (I have other qualms with your list--but that one is just based on stereotypes).  LACMA is beautifully designed and hosts incredible art, and the Getty is worth it for the views and architecture alone, on top of the incredible art.  It kind of reminds me of the LA train and subway system, which--true--is not as all encompassing as New York's, but is very good and is so beautifully designed.  The only other thing I'll address is...The Hamptons?  LA doesn't need the Hamptons.  You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a beautiful beach getaway.

Allison C

I would have expected New York to beat L.A. hands down, even though I'm an L.A. native, but the New York list focuses on dissing L.A. instead of talking up all of the great things New York has to offer. I guess L.A. has betters writers?

@Allison C the LA list stereotypes new yorkers way too much

Anya K

It is so ridiculously ignorant to insult those who love L.A. by making up some nonsensical reasons. How one even dares to declare he/she is better, smarter etc. while insulting others about their choices? Word "better" is not applicable to you at all (it shows quite opposite) if you are rude and disrespectful to those who prefer something different than you do. It's not about who is better or worse. It's simply about personal preferences. I have spent years in New York and couldn't stand it, moved to L.A. and fell in love with this city. One can't make it in New York while another gets the best out of it. And vise versa. What's your problem people? You would be really "better" if you'd appreciate those differences we have and highlight all the wonders about each city. Because in the end this is what makes this country so unique and beautiful.

@Anya K why do u like LA more than ny. I love LA but it has too much pollution and smog. Its also in a desert. LA is nice but doesn't have places to sight see

Samantha C

 @Anya K The idea that LA has no places to sight see just boggles my mind.  Beaches AND mountains AND great architecture, oh my!  If you visit LA again, start with the Getty Museum, take in the view, and then let that inspire you to take in more.  

Matthew W

This guy doesn't make a strong case for New York--which is very possible--he just insults L.A. with a lot of out of date cliches.

Patricia J

And in conclusion you Californians are rude and crude stop applying stereotypes. to us New Yorkers. We excel in interpersonal relations daily while you drive your car's to Costco or your neighborhood liquor store for Merlot.

Alec V

What are you talking about? This whole article was just to diss LA instead of make NY seem nice. Read the LA one and I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

Patricia J

We are and have always been better than you stop that California dreaming. and really look at yourselves. Wasn't it enough we gave you the Dodgers.

Patricia J

Also we New Yorkers look better we have moisture in our air which makes our skin supple and dare I say it even glows in the sun sans biotic etc. We are the begging and the end L.A. you are the end. Don't hate on us just envy us from your wine and marijuana states of existence

Patricia J

New York is not only better than Los Angeles we are smarter and yes you do have bedbugs and rats. As well as thousands living on your beaches and streets. Your homeless problem is the worst country wide not everyone lives in Santa Monica and speaking of Santa Monica your homeless and transient population attack tourist and sleep overnight on your beaches. And the weather. not so great. Between the cold damp marine layered mornings and nights i'd. take snow any day. As far as the ex new Yorkers who live in Los Angeles question were they ever from NYC in the first place. Most ex new Yorkers are dying to move back home to New York if nothing else but reality. Get a grip L.A.

Samantha C

@Patricia J The only thing this shows is that homeless people prefer to live where it's sunny and they won't freeze to death.

David T

I got really BORED reading just about to halfway of this non impressing list... who ever wrote this oozes of being one cold salty BITCH! lol

Los Angeles, better yet, California does it better!!!

Kent N


New York City is overrated! It's a festering cesspool. More and more New Yorkers are moving to L.A., bringing with them their stupid arrogant and obnoxious attitude. Do they HAVE to complain about everything? Sheesh!

@Kent N New Yorkers aren't even known to complain. people in LA worry about how much gluten is in he world or how fat they are. New yorkers don't give a shit unless you get in there way. People from LA always gossip and become backstabbing assholes

cassandra I

New York is great

Both cites have their own pros and cons but NYC just had more pros than LA ..

I read this all as a joke.

Even though I would say most/all is true I read this with a sense of humor.

All you people taking this too seriously😂

Sally J

Also, nothing can compare to NY pizza and bagels. (It's the water.)


I'm a born and raised Angeleno, and the truth is NYC is a fantastic city. I love LA but comparing the two is, pun intended, apples to oranges. For me, the measuring should be done from the pov of the working class. Culturally, there's no question NYC takes the cake. From MoMA to Broadway, there's nothing like it, but how accessible on a consistent basis is it to the working class? While LA brings up the rear culturally, year round greatest weather in the world creates recreation non-stop. And that is HUGE for quality of life. And with the mountains, desert, beaches close by, we can experience a plethora of diverse landscapes.

Then there's Vegas, only a few hours away.

LA's also the entertainment capitol of not just movies and tv, but music as well (many don't realize the latter). HOwever, the working class doesn't benefit from this much except in image. To Angelenos, a movie set might as well be a butt on the sidewalk.

Food: Just depends on what you're in for. Iti, there's no comparison to NYC. Delis too. That said, LA is heaven for the greatest cuisine in the world, Mexican, and Japanese, Chinese and Korean too. Probably Persian as well. So, NYC has prestige, but I think this is a push.

Bottom line, both are fantastic places, but I offer up this final LA salvo: notice how many New Yorkers (and east coasters) live here? They sure suck up a lot of LA air....

Anya K

You should be writing articles for TimeOut ;)

Amanda S

I hate to say this, but this list is pretty terrible! Not that NYC isn't great, but this list does a poor job of comparing the 2 cities (food portions?! I'd rather have more, and save it for tomorrow's lunch!).

Anyhoo, I actually really love NYC, and have considered living there. One of the main reasons, is I find the people to be more welcoming. Yes, I am aware that there are rude New Yorkers, but that is true for anywhere you go! However, I feel an overwhelming sense of unity when I'm there, and I appreciate how people seem more direct. They do appear to be much more willing to help a stranger out, and extend kindness. Yet, if you are an ass who lacks complete common sense, they will probably let you know!! In LA, there are wonderful people, however, I have found that you do have to dig deeper to find them. With that being said, I have great friends in BOTH cities!

The biggest reason for me choosing to live in Los Angeles, though, is because the thought of NOT having my car (I know some people do, but it's not very practical, obviously!), makes me feel incredibly anxious and...a bit trapped! Yes, the traffic SUCKS. But, I love being able to jump in my car, roll the windows down, and cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway while blasting the Eagles (Eagles and Tom Petty are a must for these types of drives!). Or, sometimes I drive to the desert. Or up through one of the many, many nearby mountains and canyons. My point is that there are SO many places to drive to outside of LA (and away from the traffic!), and it is such a peaceful and wonderful thing to be able to just up and GO!!

Point being, both are wonderful places, but are vastly different. Both have great qualities, and both have really shitty ones. Ultimately, it really just depends on what matters the most to whomever. And me personally, I need the ability to jump in my car (by myself) at any given moment to escape from everyone. =)

Abby K

We don't need yogurt to get some culture

Juan U

4 things NYC does better

Public Transport




But after 15 years i left it for LA
I have a 15 minute commute in no friggin slussy ice

Awesome weather year round
Smog ? no more that youse guzze

And f'n A we got views of oceans and mountains  and intense sunsets

whadda you got? skyscrappers?

Sally J

Have you ever heard of the High Line?

It can beat all of your mountainous views.

Also, are you trying to say that NYC has no oceans and sunsets? Harbors are connected to the ocean last time I checked and the sun sets everywhere, not just LA.

P.S. Why the hell are you typing slang? It's just as easy as typing correctly.

@Sally J upstate new york has good views

Erika J


Eugenio C

@Erika J you seem incredibly angry. chill. you have to accept new york city as the superior city. 


sad list of exaggerations.  is that the best you can do?

i agree with doug m below.  i spend on average 30 minutes a day in my nice, clean, fragrant, air conditioned car.  so much better than the dried piss smelling, rat-infested, carcinogenic, beggar and panhandler filled, crowded, sweaty subways you call mass transit.

quality of living?  l.a. beats nyc in a new york minute.

Doug M

1. Better my car than underground or a smelly bus, 2. Neither do we, 3. Wait, that's a GOOD thing??, 4. Madonna who?  Boy, you're old! 5. "What do I have to look forward to?" the NEXT DAY!  6. Korean?  Thai?  Doubtful. 7. You ARE old!  There haven't been "dense layers of smog" in LA for over 20 years!  And you still have exhaust fumes. 8. I've been to Times Square. Some of those guys need more than Botox!  9.  You are bragging about getting drunk?  Ok, fine.  10. No one here, either.  Have you NEVER been here??! 11.  Ah, overpriced AND small portions.  Living the dream.  12.  Hey, Brooklyn!  I got your Dodgers right here!  [Ok, that is dated, but I KNOW they still  haven't gotten over it.].  13. You are bragging that there are no celebrities in New York??  Ok, fine...  14. Yes, here too.  Wait, was that a Scientology crack?  Ohh, you are in SO much trouble.  15.  You are saying it's easy to get lost in NY and that's a good thing?  Surrrrre it is . . . 16.  LOVE Mulholland!  What is your PROBLEM?  17.  Here neither.  At least it's never happened to me.  18. That's because you don't drive cars.  That mass transit you are so fond of.  19. If a New Yorker is writing a script, they SHOULD keep it to themselves.  20. That's only in a small part of an LA suburb (Irwindale).  And they are whiners.  21.  I've seen NY streets. It's perpetual gridlock, despite no one driving (how do they do that?  Oh yeah, the cabs!).  22. The NY quote is rude and arrogant.  It fits.  23. Subways are for cities where people can't drive.  24.  Yes, see "rude" above.  Keeping it real, huh?  25.  I think Uptown, downtown, Soho, "the Village" are weird and bad as geographical markers.  Probably subjective. 26.  In other words, ours works, yours doesn't.  How's that coal-fired heater doing?  27.  The Met what?  Never heard of it.  Check out the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys.  Add up those ratings, count the celebs.  Nuff said.  28.  What culture?  Poverty?  And the asthma ref is SO 1960.  29. Avos rule!  30.  Oh, "live" theater.  So 19th Century.  Though some of the better stage actors do make it in Hollywood, I suppose.  31.  Hey man, peace, love, dope.  Whatevs.  Totes.

Megan L

 1-true, 2-lies, 3-is that supposed to be good?, 4-i've never seen madonna in either, 5-thats why i left, 6-except avocados :P, 7-that coughing is from the weed, 8-true, 9-true but that encourages too much drinking, 10-how old is this list? no one does that anymore, 11-okay, but they're way more expensive. i don't think this persons actually been to LA.. they eat, 12- true. i miss brooklyn, 13- again, how old is this?, 14- i'll get back to you on that one, 15-true but good luck getting back after that meandering, 16- mulholland drive is beautiful!, 17- i work in entertainment (they do that to you until you're union), 18- yeah, the restriction is "tow" unless you're in brooklyn or queens, 19- true, 20-i don't eat that stuff but it's made in CA, so you're welcome?, 21-true. but time square? just as bad., 22- just don't live in hollywood and avoid the powderpuffs, 24-true. this is what i miss most about NY, 24-isn't it better that they concern themselves with everything and not just the outcome?, 25-it's because LA is big and spread out, it helps us navigate, but its confusing and weird, 26- i think that depends on the restaurant, 27- true. i studied fashion in NY, people in LA can't dress well for anything unless its an EDM rave, 28- it actually just gets you dirty looks unless you wear workout gear. people here don't understand walking, 29- that's because in NY avocados taste like poop, 30- you just named theater venues and then compared them to a concert hall. you're an idiot. pantages, the orpheum, pasadena playhouse, etc. google them., 31- but we look better doing it?