"Alternate Side of the Street"

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 (Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\Bast)
Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\BastBast, Popeye
 (Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\ Banksy)
Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\ BanksyBanksy, NOLA
 (Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\Faile)
Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns\FaileFaile, Faile Dog
 (Photograph: Courtesy Soak your Buns\Shepard Fairey)
Photograph: Courtesy Soak your Buns\Shepard FaireyShepard Fairey, War By Numbers
 (Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns)
Photograph: Courtesy Soak Your Buns"Alternate Side of the Street"
You probably could have guessed that the truck sitting outside three major Manhattan art fairs would be packed with "street art" as a "mobile art-fair booth," a kind of alternative to all the consumerism art-fair season brings. What you probably didn't expect is that the artists inside would be worth a hoot. In this case, the pieces come from such notable names as Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Faile, Bast and Banksy (remember him?). Catch the Louvre-ish lorry parked outside the Armory Show on the corner of 53rd Street and Eleventh Avenue.


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