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One Good Thing
Image: Time Out

Bring daily positivity into your life with One Good Thing to Do Today

Make your everyday extraordinary with our guide to awesome activities and experiences across New York State

Written by Time Out. Paid for by the New York Lottery

Generally, daily routines are a good thing. That morning coffee your local barista makes? Essential. Stretching out the stress at yoga? You live for it. Seeing your dog’s face as you arrive at his favorite dog park? Best feeling in the world. 

But there are times when you could use that extra, unexpected boost of positivity. Our new series, One Good Things to Do Today is going to give you exactly that. We’ve teamed up with the New York Lottery to bring you daily suggestions of things to do across New York State that will cheer you up, give you energy, engage you or just generally fill you with a sense of joy. Each one is well worth a day trip; or if you live nearby, even better! The folks at the New York Lottery know that we all deserve that extra bit of excitement, which is why their Daily Draw Games are now drawing twice a day, every day. That means you’ll be able to spend more time with your numbers and get more chances to play Win4, NUMBERS and Take 5. Who knows? This might just be your best fall ever.

Catskills, New York

The 100-year old Catskills retreat, now called Callicoon Hills, got a hyper trendy 2021 facelift to prepare for the hoards of New Yorkers newly intrigued by summering and leaf peeping in the Catskills once again. Book a room overnight to unplug, lounge by the king size pool, dine at the seasonally focused on-site restaurant and play lawn games until dark. Make new friends over s'mores by the campfire at this dog-friendly getaway, which is close to shopping, dining and more upstate attractions, like hiking, only a short drive away from the property, though there's really no reason to leave. WiFi is available on site, though TVs are not, so it's board games and books for entertainment. You'll appreciate the break from screentime.

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Niagara Falls, New York

New York State is home to over 2000 notable waterfalls, with the most famous, of course, being Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls State Park is a must-see for all New Yorkers, whether it’s for the first time or a return trip at a different age or with different company—the look of awe on your squad's faces is totally worth it. Enjoy the falls from sunrise to sundown, for various perspectives—and selfies—worth remembering. Visit Observation Tower, Terrapin Point and Prospect Point Viewing Area for unique views, and plan on a hike or kayak trip to enjoy the water and surrounding area from yet another level. Those who want to get up close and personal with the spray of the falls can also book a ticket for the famous Maid of The Mist boat tour, where a poncho will protect you from the 600,000 gallons of water falling per second.

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Brooklyn, NYC

Drive-in movie theaters are oh so retro, but they've surged in popularity over the past year, thanks to the you know what. Brooklyn's Skylight Drive-In, on the East River waterfront in Greenpoint, shows both new and classic films, with an epic backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. No car? No problem. Pedestrian seats are provided for those who would rather walk or bike to the drive-in. Real bathrooms are also accessible throughout the screening and pets are allowed at the outdoor theater. A concession stand vends all your favorite movie classics, so you can plan on popcorn for dinner. Or, unlike other movie theaters, you can bring your own food and drinks in without having to hide it awkwardly under your hoodie. A feast, a flick, and a view? That's the perfect New York night.

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Brooklyn, NYC

At some point we’ve all had the same thought: should I get a tattoo? For many of us the answer was nope, because the terror of regretting that tattoo for an entire life was, well, terrifying! But what if we told you there’s a revolutionary tattoo that only lasts one year?

In Williamsburg, a new tattoo parlor called Ephemeral is true to its name after creating a proprietary ink that fades over nine to fifteen months. We’re not scientists, but the general idea is simple enough: the ink is a medical-grade, biodegradable solution that breaks down naturally over the course of a year. It took the founders over six years to create, working with PhDs in chemical engineering and expert dermatologists. But all you really need to know? You can live a little and get that tattoo with no regrets — because now you won’t need to live with it forever.

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Upstate New York

You know who makes the best dinner guests? About 100 Huacaya alpacas (and another 100 humans, too). It’s the type of experience you’ll get with Terrain & Table, a monthly dinner pops up at one-of-a-kind venues throughout upstate New York.

These al fresco dinners switch venues each time—from alpaca farms to apple orchards and working vineyards—but are always in the field and under the open sky. The Sullivan County-based organizers, Shawn Lang and Kris Prepelica (owners of the lifestyle brand The Farmhouse Project), highlight a new chef and seasonal menu every dinner, making the most of the countryside with live music and nature walks to boot. After a year when outdoor dining was less a choice than a necessity, these dinners (which start at $198 per person) might just expand your horizons; meet new people, experience new scenery, and don’t let your new alpaca friends eat your dessert.

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Across New York State

You know what can get really tiresome? Spending money. So try something free for a change: New York’s brand-new Empire State Trail, a 750-mile multi-use trail that starts at the southernmost tip of Manhattan and finishes at the Canadian border, has plenty of free outdoor excursions this year. Right now, there are six free tours available through On the Canals, a state-sponsored initiative that promotes New York’s historic canal system. From outdoorsy adventures like kayaking, boating, biking, and even hydrobiking, the excursions all center on the canals themselves (there are hundreds of miles of overlooked, navigable waterways right under your nose). But even if you don’t snag a free excursion (several run through early September), the trail is wide open for bicyclists and hikers alike who are looking for a new way to explore their state — from NYC to the Adirondacks and Buffalo — via the scenic route.

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Brooklyn, NYC

Every routine needs a refresh. But have you considered the one that kicks off your day, a.k.a. your morning brew? Give yourself a jolt with a visit to Dumbo’s new % Arabica, home to perhaps the freshest coffee you’ll find in NYC.

The shop itself is the first stateside outpost of the popular Kyoto-based chain, and it ticks all of the boxes: steps from Brooklyn’s waterfront, the clean-lined cafe boasts a one-of-a-kind espresso machine and single-origin beans. But you’re here for the coffee itself; customers can pick from an array of green, unroasted beans that % Arabica’s baristas roast right on the spot. Believe it or not, roasted coffee only maintains its full flavor and aroma for about one week, which means your freshly roasted batch — roasted in just minutes — is perhaps the freshest coffee in all of NYC. Trust us, you’ll be buzzing in no time.

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New York City

After all those socially-distanced Zoom birthdays and events, your party planning skills (and not just your social skills) might be rusty. But if you’re hosting an intimate gathering soon, don’t be intimidated: a new service in NYC, Party by Numbers, will drop off an entire party right at your front door.

How does it work? You simply pick one of three themed formats (like Graze, a creative tapas party), and after sorting out logistics (like dates and dietary restrictions) their team delivers a stylish cart that includes everything you’ll need to throw a bash: food and beverages, dishes and decorations, and even other essentials like a Bose speaker. The best part? Pack it all up in the cart when you’re finished and their team will pick it up the very next day. Just a warning: although Party by Numbers includes ice, the ice breakers are all on you.

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Thousand Islands, New York

Did you hear? Canada just opened its borders to Americans. The border is buzzing with excitement, which makes today a grand time to visit northern New York’s Thousand Islands. Like the name suggests, the shared archipelago straddles the Canada-U.S. border and boasts 1,864 islands sprinkled throughout the St. Lawrence River, many of which are studded with historic island mansions that’ll blow you out of the water. While you’re there, experience a European getaway without leaving New York by hopping on a boat tour that stops at the iconic Boldt Castle (any daytime itinerary with Uncle Sam Boat Tours will do the trick). The German-style island castle dates back to the year 1900, when the millionaire George Boldt built the stone castle as a tribute to his wife — it’s not Europe, technically, but it sure plays the part.

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Queens, NYC

If you’re like us, you’ve been looking for any excuse to visit TWA Hotel, the former JFK terminal that was reimagined as a retro-themed hotel. Luckily, this summer gave us a rad reason to swing by: the hotel opened a 1960s-inspired Roll-A-Rama right on the tarmac.

There’s a bit of local New York history tied to this opening, considering that a New Yorker actually patented those iconic “rocker skates” (the ones with four wheels) back in 1863. But you don’t need a history lesson to enjoy this one-of-a-kind roller rink (open Fridays through Sundays), which lets you skate around the hotel's lounge (a converted 1958 Lockheed Constellation "Connie" airplane) as you listen to retro tunes. And if that's not enough nostalgia, consider staying the night: guests have access to the Twister Room, a wall-to-wall iteration of the 1960s game. Has there ever been a better Instagram backdrop? We think not.

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New York City

If you order takeout for most (okay, for all) of your meals, we’re not here to judge. But if you’re feeling guilty about it, here’s something to feel great about: Too Good To Go, a Copenhagen-based app that recently launched service in NYC, reduces food waste while helping your favorite restaurants, too. In case you haven’t heard, about 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide result from food waste, and about 40% of edible food in the U.S. goes in the trash. This app lets users order surplus food (perfectly good and prepared food that just hasn't been sold) that would otherwise end up in the bin. The best part? You’ll only pay ⅓ of the cost. It’s a really good deal considering that the app has partnered with shops like Murray’s Cheese and Ladurée in the past. Too Good To Go has rescued almost 87 million meals across the world — is yours next?

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Catskills, New York

When was the last time you truly let yourself disconnect? Take the night off at Urban Cowboy Lodge, a well-earned retreat set on 68 acres in the Big Indian Wilderness — where there’s no cell service for miles and miles.

No, we’re not joking: you’ll lose service 30 minutes before arriving at this rustically luxurious Catskills retreat. Think of it like a proper escape from urban life, a chance to immerse yourself in the mountainous terrain and not your inbox. The lodge doesn’t skimp on perks, of course; design-driven suites (rates start at $199) pocket charming throwbacks like pot belly stoves and clawfoot tubs, while a hip on-site restaurant takes woodfired cooking to the next level. But nature still takes center stage, as the Esopus Creek runs directly through the property and the area links up with miles of mountain trails. Is there Wi-Fi, you ask? Yes, but pretend we never told you.

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Amenia, New York

Sometimes you just need a break from your own backyard. And if you’re making a break for it, go big: get a taste of the country living at Troutbeck, a 250-acre estate in Amenia that houses one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the Hudson Valley.

Part of a historic inn built in 1765, the restaurant is helmed by chef Gabe McMackin, who has a Michelin star under his belt from his former Brooklyn restaurant. Arrive not just for the bucolic setting—replete with red footbridges and a rolling landscape—but also for McMackin’s commitment to the community’s makers and farmers. Dishes sparkle with ingredients like fiddleheads, chickweed, nettles, and wild chives while hyper-seasonal favorites like fresh ramps bloom in anything from mignonettes to sausage. Craving a peak local dish? Order the Steelhead Trout: the estate straddles the Webutuck River, a popular fishing spot for, you guessed it, trout.

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Greenport, New York

Does it get better than eating oysters outdoors on the water, especially when you've shucked them yourself? No, it absolutely does not. At historic Greenport's Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market, choose between a professionally shucked platters of East and West Coast bivalves or test your (well protected) hand at shucking a dozen, some of which are grown right in the bay you're looking at. Top with mignonette, cocktail sauce, hot sauce or horseradish and add a few warm mugs of clam chowder, grilled oysters and beverages to make it a feast. Dogs are welcome outdoors, and blankets are at the ready for post-sundown chills. Little Creek is walk-in early, so visit sooner than you may want to sit down, to add your name to the list and wander the streets of Greenport while you wait for a coveted outdoor oyster table. If you want to take the experience home, takeout is available as well.

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Governors Island, NYC

Under 10 minutes by ferry from Manhattan, Governors Island is a former military base turned city day trip spot galore. No traffic and minimal crowds, plus incredible skyline views and ample green space make this 172-acre island a perfect escape. Bring bikes or rent them on site to ride around the island's perimeter, pack a picnic or pick up snacks from a food truck to dine al fresco, and be sure to browse the ever-changing range of art exhibits and installations around the island.

Be sure to visit The Hills, the newest manicured park on island, which offers sitting areas, a short winding hiking area, a four-story tall slide and more unique outdoor attractions. While you may be sad to catch the last ferry off the island, overnight camping is not allowed, unless you've pre-booked a registered glamping tent via Collective Retreats, which also runs an upscale restaurant at their accommodations site.

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Hopewell Junction, New York

It's not fall in New York unless you've picked your own apples, like, more apples than you can ever eat. Fun fact: New York is the second largest producer of apples in America, after Washington, giving The Big Apple an appropriate title within The Empire State. 

At Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction, visitors can pick their own seasonal produce, charged by the bushel. Be sure to reserve a picking time in advance, and depending on the time of your visit, you can also add on flower picking, farm yoga, or special tastings. Fresh apple cider doughnuts are made every morning and hayrides are offered on weekends. An on-site farm store lets you stock up on local New York state produce and culinary wonders to stock your kitchen with. Those who live nearby can also add a subscription to Fishkill Farms' CSA, which supports the growing at the farm and provides you with a constant stream of hyperlocal, hyper-fresh fruits and veggies.

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Manhattan, NYC

We know you’re tired of your gym routine—seriously, we can see it on your face. We mean that literally, because apparently a facial workout is the latest in physical fitness.

FaceGym, a British brand that just opened a new location on Manhattan’s UES, is a total break from your normal fitness routine: you won’t lift a finger, but your trainer (FaceGym’s cheeky word for technician) will use high-energy knuckling movements and targeted strokes to lift, sculpt, and tone that stunning mug of yours. According to FaceGym, the sessions (the shortest of which costs $60 for 25 minutes) help stimulate anything from cell renewal to collagen production. But you know what we think it really does? It gives us an excuse to sit back and let someone else do the workout for a change—and at the very least, you’ll leave with a strong smile.

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East Hampton, New York

The coasts of the Mediterranean Sea have nothing on Long Island's waters. Seriously. Head out to the Hamptons sceniest restaurant opening of 2020, Si Si at EHP Marina & Resort. 

Sit outside by the water (under a space heater, if necessary) and taste your way through a menu inspired by coastal Italian and Greek fare. Platters of lightly fried seafood and veggies, homemade pastas with seafood, and whole roasted fish and lobster to share are all highlights. Book a table before sunset to experience the best view, and go for a family-style prix-fixe menu if you're ordering as a group. If you're looking to make a night of it, book a cottage at the resort on site. Also on the marina: Boungiorno on the water, an excellent bakery with espresso and baked goods to take home, plus a curated selection of beach-ready clothing, accessories and more.

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East Hampton, New York

From beautiful beaches, to peaceful lakes, to lush mountains and the greatest city in the world, New York City has it all, including a collection of epic sand dunes in East Hampton. Formed over a century ago, The Walking Dunes are constantly changing with the wind, making an annual, or seasonal visit a worthwhile comparison to prior walks. Enjoy the lush vegetation, the ocean air, and the unique sand structures along the path, which is dog-friendly and free to visit. No guide is necessary for this moderately strenuous trail, but the East Hampton Trail Preservation Society leads walks and events to help you bask in the scenery. Bundle up if there's a breeze!

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Brooklyn, NYC

If Brooklyn's endless stream of street art and artists studios inspires your creativity, prepare to unleash your own inner artist at Manic Ceramic. The Williamsburg-based pottery studio is open for artists of all ages and abilities to paint ceramic bowls, plates, mugs, gift items and more. Clay classes are also available for those who want to hand-make their own masterpieces from scratch, but anyone looking for a screen-free activity can unwind quickly, with no cleanup, at this studio. Plus, when you pickup your custom painted dinnerware, get ready for the compliments to unleash once you host dinner guests with your one-of-a-kind creations.

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Hillsdale, New York

New York is full of excellent independent bookstores, but none come close to Hillsdale's Rodgers Book Barn. Here, Hudson Valley shoppers can browse over 20,000 used and gently used (or literally never even opened) novels, memoirs, art books, vintage titles, and much, much more. Going in looking for a specific publication is fine, but allow yourself to be surprised by the vast variety and unexpected great reads stacked to the ceilings of this antique barn. There's no reason to rush your shopping either. Make yourself cozy on one of Rodgers' many seats and curl up to test out your next book. Feel free to stock up on gifts to share in the season ahead, sharing the magic of the book barn with whoever you see next.

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Westchester, New York

Animal lovers and veggie enthusiasts alike will adore a trip to Westchester's Stone Barns, an 80-acre, culinary-driven farm in Pontico Hills. Home to the highly acclaimed restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the property itself is low key, no dress code or dinner reservations required. Instead, book a ticket to explore the property, attend farmer-led tours or wander the grounds on a self-directed tour. Pre-purchase a chef-designed picnic or bring your own blanket and meal to make the most of a day on the farm. Plan to stop in at the farm store as well to stock up on ingredients and maybe a few souvenirs for the next few days of meals you make at home, which will be extra-special with these farm sourced goods.

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Greenwood Lake, New York

Bordering New York and New Jersey, Greenwood Lake is a peaceful respite just an hour from Manhattan, but seemingly worlds away in Orange County. Rent a kayak at Lake's End Watersports ($45 for a half day, $65 for a full day) and paddle your way around the calm 7-mile long lake. Pack a cooler with refreshments and a snack for when your arms need a rest, and let yourself drift along the quiet tree-lined open expanse in the center of Greenwood Lake. Even beginners can navigate their way through these slow moving waters, and more experienced kayakers can test their speed and skills with nominal speed boat traffic interference. Add a fishing pole ($10 to rent) if you want to reel in your dinner.

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Cayuga Lake, New York

Unless you’re a vampire, there’s a high chance you have a clove or two of garlic hanging around in your kitchen—it’s a punchy cooking staple. But do you know how it got there, or where it comes from? It’s time to get to know your garlic.

Head toward Cayuga Lake in upstate New York and book a Garlic Farm tour with Dennis Donahue, the owner of Deacon’s Garlic (seasonal tours start in August and are available at Inns of Aurora; $225 for two guests). On the two-hour tour, you’ll learn the history and health benefits of organic garlic (spoiler alert: great for reducing blood pressure, not great for your breath), as well as hands-on instruction for growing and harvesting the popular plant. The best part? You’ll head home with two pounds of heirloom garlic straight from the farm.

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New Paltz, New York

There are two things we all need after this past year: more time outside, and more mindfulness. Thankfully, getting both done simultaneously isn’t all that hard. Escape to New York’s wilderness for shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’.

What is it, exactly? It's essential ecotherapy. The idea is to spend quality time in the forest and reconnect with the natural environment in a conscious way—because nature is healing! You can practice this all on your own (New York state has thousands of miles of trails), but why not splurge on a more structured outing? Head to New Paltz’s Mohonk Mountain House where Nina Smiley, the hotel’s Director of Mindfulness Programming, makes the most out of 4,000 acres of forest surrounding the hotel. Join one of Smiley’s guided Mindfulness-in-Motion walks and venture along wooded trails, stunning cliffs, and around a crystal-clear lake that’s guaranteed to give you some clarity.

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Manhattan, NYC

Curious about the world of plant-based food but not at all curious about diets? Same here. But an extra serving of dessert in your diet wouldn’t hurt one bit—especially one that’s feeling its oats.

New to the Lower East Side, Whipped-Urban Dessert Lab is the first-ever oat milk soft-serve shop. If you’re weirdly obsessed with cow’s milk, there’s great news: you’re still going to love oat milk ice cream. The founding sisters, Zan B.R. and Courtney Blagrove (the latter has a PhD in nutrition and metabolism, another way to say legit), have stumbled onto something brilliant, creamy, and kinda cute—order their strawberry shortcake in a cup and it the perfectly rounded dome looks like a power-up mushroom from Super Mario Bros. The lines at this joint can be, well, outstanding, but you’ll be happy to hear the sisters recently released oat milk ice ‘crème’ pints that you can order straight to your apartment

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Finger Lakes, New York

If you’re one of those people who shows up to a friend’s party and spends all night talking to their dog—and no one else—you’re 100% the type of person who will love the new therapy cropping up in NY’s Finger Lakes: it’s called cow cuddling.

You’ll find it at the 33-acre Mountain Horse Farm in the bucolic region of Naples, where Suzanne and Rudi Vullers rescue and raise horses and cows in addition to running a wellness-driven B&B. Their most wholesome experience pairs guests with two bovine beauties, Stella and Bonnie, for hour-long sessions of cow cuddling (you’ll spend some time with horses, too). According to Suzanne, the sessions promote healing and reduce stress thanks to the warm temperatures and slow, calming heartbeat of the cows and horses. Does it really work? We’re believers. And at the very least, it’s guaranteed to put you in a good mooo-od.

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Kingston, New York 

Unless you’re a robot, you’ve probably been stuck with all the feels lately. We’re talking highs, lows, and everything in between. Have you thought about feeling a little less? Could be nice!

In Kingston, the gateway to New York’s Hudson Valley, Zephyr Float promises to make all of those feelings float away with the help of floating therapy (or as they put it, “the experience of nothing”). In each session ($65 for the hour), guests enter a tank free of external light and sound where they float in water that’s more saturated in salt than the Dead Sea. The water itself is heated to the same temperature as your skin, and in just a matter of minutes you’ll forget where your body ends and the water begins. It’s what they call a “twilight state” in between awakeness and sleep, when your brain can be totally free of thought—now isn’t that an interesting thought?

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Catskills, New York 

Survival camps are on the rise of late (not surprisingly, folks are keen to learn how to fend for themselves after the past year), but you don’t need to go full Bear Grylls straight away: take baby steps and learn the basics of foraging on a mushroom walk with John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi.

On one of Michelotti’s walks (check his events calendar for dates and excursions as low as $20 per walk), you’ll not only learn about the ecological functions of fungi—which are essential for our ecosystems—but also how to find them in the wild and identify which ones are edible (there are about 11,000 species of mushrooms on this continent alone). You’ll also learn a thing or two about medicinal uses, and learn to prepare your foraged mushrooms for at-home wellness moments (varieties like chaga and reishi are known immune boosters are easily made into teas).

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Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, New York 

Maybe you’re back to commuting for work, or maybe you’re still at home, stuck with your laptop in bed…in sweatpants. Either way, all that sameness can feel like a rut. So pick yourself up and head upstate to SkyRider, the highest, longest, and fastest zipline in North America.

There are five ziplines here, high up in the northern Catskills at Hunter Mountain, totaling 4.6 miles in length. The ziplines will send you through the air at speeds up to 50 mph, which should obliterate any same-same malaise with a zoom-zoom rush. Spring for the SkyRider tour, which lasts about three hours, and you’ll soar above treelines and along the mountainside, leaving all your work life worries way behind—you’ll see trees, lakes, more trees, and not a single rut in sight.

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Catskills, New York

Stepping into someone else’s shoes for the day can do you some good. So why not venture into new waters and step into someone’s waders? In the Catskills, a fly fishing excursion is bound to give you a fresh perspective.

We know what you might be thinking: fishing is ick! But it’s actually historic, too. The western Catskills are the birthplace of American dry fly fishing, where it’s been a New York pastime since the 1800s. The sport is catching on once again thanks to its almost meditative approach: you’re hip-deep in the middle of a river with no choice but to disconnect and immerse yourself in nature. For an upstate excursion that’s sure to surprise you, book a trip with Phonecia’s Esopus Creel ($300 per person), an experienced adventure outfitter that runs catch-and-release fly fishing trips that can easily double as therapy.

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Watkins Glen, New York

Rescued farm animals get a second shot at a happy life at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. The 275-acres of rolling green grass are home to more than 800 rescued cows, lambs, pigs, turkeys, and other farm animals — and each with their own unique story. Take an hour long tour of the property and learn more about rescuing farm animals and what it's like for these survivors to live in a new safe haven. After your walk, browse the visitor center and shop for special souvenirs to take home. Those who want to be surrounded by animals for longer can book a trendy tiny house on the property, which offers a special way to enjoy the outdoors even longer.

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Various locations across New York 

If last year taught us anything, it’s that a lot of people have secret access to pools. Where was our invite? Lost in the mail? Sure. Luckily, we finally have a cure for all that pent-up pool envy.

Enter Swimply, a new website that folks are calling the ‘Airbnb for pools’. Like all good things, it doesn’t need much explaining—if you want a pool, you can rent a pool from a nearby pool owner. It’s not available everywhere just yet but thank heavens it’s available in Brooklyn (did somebody just say pool party?). There are over 100 pool listings near New York so far, but we have our eye on this oceanfront plunge pool in Long Beach which honestly looks like a beach resort and sounds way better than the actual beach, considering that the pool can be heated up to a hot 100°.

What’s better than a dip? A double dip: the New York Lottery is now drawing their Daily Draw Games—Win4, NUMBERS, and Take 5—twice a day, which means you've got double the chance to win!


Adirondack Park, New York 

Remember that stupid little walk meme, the one with the grumpy bald eagle stomping along in a way that somehow captured our own daily pandemic walks a little too well? Well, those days are over, and it’s time to walk on the wild side.

Head to The Wild Center, set on 80 acres in the Adirondacks, for a stroll that’s bound to give your whole perspective reset. Here, a trail of bridges called Wild Walk steadily brings you higher and higher into the trees, peaking at 40 feet. The interactive experience was designed to give you a new perspective, as if seeing it through a wild animal’s eyes high up in the canopy (the trail’s highest point, believe it or not, is designed like a bald eagle’s nest). It’s a great way to kick off any escape in Adirondack Park, which, at six million acres large, offers plenty of eye-opening adventures and endlessly scenic little walks to boot.

Speaking of wild, the New York Lottery is now drawing their Daily Draw Games twice a day!

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