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Depressing apartment listing of the day

This is what $475 per month gets you in New York

Written by
Nick Leftley

Are you on a very tight budget and/or some sort of nocturnal, burrowing animal? Then this might be the apartment for you. Posted nine days ago on Craigslist, this self-described “very small room” (roughly 9’ x 8’) is situated in the basement of a building one block from the J train in Bushwick (exactly which stop isn’t specified). It’ll cost you $475 per month, and while you will be sharing a kitchen and bathroom, you do at least get your very own pole, which appears to stand directly in the middle of the room, so the ability to sleep curled around something is probably a bonus. After looking at the five apartments Obama could afford to rent if he moves to New York last week, it’s probably safe to say that this one won’t be on his wish list. 

You can see the full listing here.


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