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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

#2: Eight ways to be a stereotypical Angeleno

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Like albino dolphins, South China tigers, and mermaids, Southern Californians are a rare breed—some might not even believe we exist outside of a Hollywood soundstage. Los Angeles, in particular, is filled with colorful characters who march to a decidedly different beat. Whether you’re in town for a few days or call the City of Angels home, there will come a time when you’ll want to blend in with the locals, if only to get them to stop asking if you need headshots. Here are the top eight ways to pass yourself off as a stereotypical Angeleno.

1. Have at least one dietary restriction.
In certain parts of the city, the mere sight of flour elicits shrieks of horror. While purists swear off gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and nightshades all at once, passionate avoidance of even one ingredient cements your rep as hometown folk.

2. Stay abreast of astrological events.
Nothing shouts “L.A.” like well-timed astrological commentary. Spilled your coffee all over your Ron Herman tee? No wonder, Mercury is in retrograde!

3. Strive to be celebrity adjacent.
Seek out celeb haunts, but pretend to ignore any famous person you encounter. Take mental notes, though, so you can namedrop later.

4. Practice strategic namedropping.
When discussing celebrities, refer to them by nickname to create the impression that you roll with the in crowd. Fact-checking is not important; people will go along with whatever you say to avoid appearing uninformed.

5. Honor the city’s cultural heritage.
Los Angeles has a proud Mexican and Spanish heritage, and true Angelenos show proper respect. Ideally this means knowing actual history, but stereotypical L.A. peeps are content to master the pronunciation of culinary staples. All together now: wa-cah-MO-leh.

6. Become one with yoga pants.
Own them, wear them, love them.

7. Sip on green juice.
Green juice is more than a health elixir, it’s social currency. Sport a designer beer hat so you can sip on it hands-free throughout the day.

8. Use Sanskrit words.
Anyone can go to yoga class. Demonstrate your yogic mastery by using Sanskrit words. “This dress is so cute, my prana is really flowing!”

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