House of Yes Xmas Spectacular

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House of Yes Xmas Spectacular: Home for the Holidays
Photograph: Courtesy Tod Seelie

Time Out says

Ah, nothing like the feeling of going back to the comforts and traditions of home, especially if your home was an intergalactic hotbed of psychedelia. Go to the House of Yes for the eighth annual edition of their holiday blowout, a classic sit-down theatrical blowout that turns the whole Nativity saga on its head. As always, House of Yes's very best aerialists, pole-dancers, clowns, strippers and turnt circus acts will be taking the stage to invoke the spirit of the season. Count on XXXmas trees, gay angels, a sexy Jesus, salty reindeer and plenty of other high jinkx.

This year's spectacular is written and directed by House of Yes co-founders Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova. Be sure to show up early and snag a good seat, lest you lose your spot to a more devout fan. And make sure your velvet and sequins are more divine than ever.



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