An interactive guide to the best day ever in NYC

We teamed up with Google to launch a series of interactive tours to the best day imaginable in New York City.

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Time Out New York has teamed up with Google for the launch of the company's new Tour Creator, a feature that provides 360-degree experiences of some of the world's most glorious locations. The experience allows you to digitally interact with locales around the world (and if you have a VR headset, you can literally be immersed in each place). 

We took the tech to a whole new level, and built a tour of the best day ever in New York City. Explore the locations below, starting at the majestic New York Public Library main branch and ending with a performance at Lincoln Center. As you explore the tour, click on the onscreen icons to uncover even more facts about each location.

Whether you're planning a trip New York or are a local, the new technology allows you to explore the city like never before. Check it out below.

Experience a perfect day in NYC

New York Public Library

Head to midtown and hit the century-old main branch of the New York Public Library. It's open to the pulbic, though it feels like a place that houses royalty. It's one of the best places in the city to relax and quietly read a book or click away on a laptop.

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Central Park

Exit the Met and enter New York's backyard, and find out why it's one of the most recognizable green spaces on the planet.

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The Plaza Hotel

Unwind a bit with a round of tea at the Plaza Hotel's delightful Palm Court. Then, head upstairs to treat yourself to a glass (or bottle) at the space's Champagne bar.

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Lincoln Center

If you want to experience some of the best theater that New York has to offer, Lincoln Center is a sure bet. Explore the programming at Lincoln Center Theater, the Metropolitan Opera House or the David H. Koch Theater and get ready to be wowed by an awe-inspiring performance. 

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Manhattan dweller

Come on TimeOut - you can do better than that! Was that post written by someone who only knows NYC from Fodors? Please! Here’s a much better itinerary for a great outdoors day.

1. Get the heck out of midtown. Grab a citibike (at Times square if you must), and head down Broadway on the green bike lane to Madison Square Park. Dock your bike. Take a walk around, and view the art installations along with a magnificent view of the flatiron building and the Empire State Building, Ideally with a snack from the Original shake shack in hand.

2. Head down Broadway on foot and enjoy the beautiful old architecture. The ABC building has a very fun ground floor if you want to do a bit of shopping. They also have several great restaurants (I recommend ABCV).

3. Continue down Broadway to Union Square. If it’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday you will enjoy the world famous Union Square Farmers market. Take a walk around, visit the statue of Gandhi on the south west corner, and spend some time on the steps on the south side for some entertaining people watching.

4. Head down University Place to Washington Square Park. Stop for an ice cream at amorino on the way. University place is a quiet, beautiful street that will take you right to Washington Square Park.

5. Wander around the Park, enjoy the free live music and soak up the sun. On the south side is the famous Judson Memorial Church, which supported a radical arts/poetry/dance ministry since the 1950’s.

6. Head to the nearest citibike dock, grab a bike and make your way to Christopher street (9th Street turns into Christopher if you head west). Ride west on Christopher to Hudson River Park. You’ll pass the massive Archive building on Christopher between Greenwich street and Washington Street. On your right is tiny little Weehawken street, which has its own designated historic district.

7. To fully experience the West Village, dock your bike at Christopher and Greenwich st. Walk ninth on greenwich street to charles st, where you will see a little white house, complete with a yard and a driveway. Make a left on Charles and head 1 Block to the river, where you can enjoy beautiful landscaping, superb views of the Hudson, and if you times it righ, the sunset. You can walk along the river as far as you want, but if I suggest getting off at gramercy and checking out the Whitney museum. If you aren’t into museums, go for the views alone! Or, you can access the high line, which will be crazy crowded but still really cool.

Have fun!