Internet Cat Video Film Festival

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 (Photograph: Gene Pittman)
Photograph: Gene Pittman

This week, the exploits of some very famous cats—including box-loving Maru and the existential Henri, le Chat Noir—will be writ large on a big screen for the Internet Cat Video Film Fest. Click through for three of our favorite pop-culture kitties who gained fame before YouTube.

 (Photograph: Courtesy Paws)
Photograph: Courtesy Paws


The misanthropic tabby likes naps and lasagna, and hates just about everything else (especially Mondays). Let’s just forget that the live-action films ever happened.


Hello Kitty

Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat owe much to the Japanese cartoon, which proved that all you need to create a worldwide phenomenon is a cute whiskered visage.

 (Photograph: Courtesy WIkimedia Commons/Marcy Nighswander)
Photograph: Courtesy WIkimedia Commons/Marcy Nighswander


The Clintons’ tuxedo cat inspired several books and, oddly, a video for the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.” (Take that, Bo and Sunny Obama.)

Proof that cats really do rule everything around us: After the success of the Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis—two kitty-centric shindigs have taken place there since 2012—its organizers have decided to bring the feline fiesta to Manhattan. Dog people, we suggest you steer clear. Tickets include exhibition admission and one drink.


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