La Magnifique

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La Magnifique
Melissa Hom Tour de France at Gotham West Market.
A late-July screening of the French B-movie spy classic La Magnifique is the perfect marriage of obscure and outdoors. Watch as secret agent Bob Sinclar outwits the Albanian secret service. Or does it all take place in the imagination of pulp writer François Merlin? Aha! You don’t know, do you? You’ll have to go and find out for yourself. It might not carry the same cultural cachet as, say, Back to the Future, but La Magnifique is just weird enough to warrant a (totally free) showing in one of Brooklyn’s best outdoor parks, right along the waterfront of the East River. Bring a blanket. Bring some food. Bring your damn dog if you want to. An obscure but great French spy movie at sunset sounds just about perfect to us. And there’s a very good reason that New York doesn’t do outdoor screenings any other time of year, so hop to it. What, did you think we’d want to freeze our asses off to catch a February viewing of Garden State? Fuck no.


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