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Lena Dunham
Photograph: Danielle LevittLena Dunham

Lena Dunham in Time Out New York

We celebrate the Girls creator and New York native in fittingly intimate style, via an interview with her collaborator and BFF, plus plenty of behind-the-scenes action

Written by
Sophie Harris

Let there be no doubt—Lena Dunham is one of New York City's most powerful voices right now. The Girls creator and star exemplifies so much of what our beloved city is all about: Boldness, creativity, sexiness and unabashed self-expression. It stands to reason that we'd be into what she does (we even created a Girls NYC walk in the show's honor), and we're utterly thrilled to find out that Dunham is into what we do here at Time Out New York. In our exclusive interview with Lena Dunham—which was conducted by none other than Girls executive producer and Dunham's best friend Jenni Conner—Dunham reveals that at age 19, she wrote to our sex columnist about trying to lose her virginity ("He wrote the best advice"). So, we invite you to enjoy Dunham and Konner's intimate conversation, then peruse behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot, and watch how the Pop Art-style cover of the magazine was created.

Behind-the-scenes Lena Dunham photos

Behind-the-scenes Lena Dunham photos

Despite all the serious pieces about Lena Dunham that surface whenever Girls returns, we’ve got to say—the 28-year-old new Yorker is hilarious in...