“Masterpieces of Everyday New York: Objects as Story”

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 (Photograph: Veronica Acosta)
Photograph: Veronica Acosta"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": Broken umbrella, selected by Peter Wheelwright, Associate Professor, Constructed Environments.
 (Photograph: Hank O’Neal)
Photograph: Hank O’Neal"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": The "Shadowman" paintings by Richard Hambleton, selected by Wendy Scheir, Director, Archives and Special Collections.
 (Photograph: Martin Seck)
Photograph: Martin Seck"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": Sewing box from Ruth Rubinstein, selected by Christina Moon, Assistant Professor and Director, MA Fashion Studies.
 (Photograph: Martin Seck)
Photograph: Martin Seck"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": Ghost bikes, selected by Jane Pirone, Assistant Professor, Communication Design.
 (Photograph: Martin Seck)
Photograph: Martin Seck"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": Hand grenade savings bank, selected by Julia Ott, Associate Professor of History.
 (Photograph: Daisy Wong)
Photograph: Daisy Wong"Masterpieces of Everyday New York": Morning coffee, selected by Radhika Subramaniam, Director/Chief Curator, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center.
If you had to choose one thing to symbolize this city, what would it be? That’s the question the New School posed to its faculty, and the resulting collection of flotsam is now on display. A short essay accompanies each of the 62 items and images, which include Richard Hambleton’s “Shadowman” paintings that appeared on NYC streets in the 1980s, garment-factory worker Ruth Rubinstein’s sewing box, and a broken umbrella.


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