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Mirage Cinema Presents: The Fifth Element

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Time Out says

One of the most bonkers, trippy, endlessly-rewatchable action movies of all time is getting a special treatment at this Brooklyn viewing party. Watch Korben Dallas and Leeloo flirt (in gibberish) and fall in love on an outdoor 18'x32' screen in an 18,000-foot outdoor space. Before the film, show up for a cocktail hour so you can chat with fellow fans, and be sure to serve your best Fhloston Paradise couture for the custom photobooth (best-dressed guests win special prizes). After the show, get down at a futuristic-themed dance party.

To stay satiated during the space saga, you can grab burgers, pizza, popcorn and drinks from a full beer and cocktail menu. After the show, stick around for a dope ice cream party. It's pretty much everything you like about everything.

Now, the real question is, how do you make an open-backed velcro-strap orange tanktop to look like Bruce Willis? And do you bleach you hair for this one? How much is enough when it comes to Jean Paul Gaultier cosplay?


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