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Mysterious signs appear in Times Square

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Watch footage above of sightings of some kind of alien presence spotted in New York, London and Rio, in Brazil.

In London, crop circles and balls of different sizes appeared on Hackney Marshes, a popular place to play soccer on the weekends. Clearly, whoever made these circles have no fear of a hungover, 300-pound geezer getting a two-footed “reducer” in early to show that he’s not fucking around.

Here in New York, like all tourists, the extraterrestrial visitors made their first stop in Times Square. Unable, we assume, to find any living matter to create crop circles, they commandeered giant screens to display unintelligible symbols and a logo that looks like a cross between a biohazard sign and a soccer ball. As of writing, Times Square Arts have not confirmed if they were responsible for the piece (mostly because we haven’t asked them yet).

The same symbol also appeared in the Rio sky. Maybe on a building? The video isn’t really clear and we haven’t visited.

One thing is clear. Something is coming. Something with a top-notch raincoat that would allow them to mess up Hackney Marshes in London without catching a cold. (You know it would have been raining. It is England after all. Probably that fine mist that looks like nothing but soaks you to the bone. The worst.)

Let us know what you think is coming in the comments below, or using the Twitter hashtag #WINNERTAKESEARTH, or visit mysteriouscircles.com to find out more.