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New York is changing

One of the best aspects of this place is that it's constantly renewing itself-and that the real gems survive the turnover. We look back at the people, places and things we've considered "essential" over the life of Time Out New York.



Luna Lounge
Gone. Replaced by a condo.
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Magnolia Bakery
Still here and we’re sorry. We couldn’t have anticipated the Svengali power of pastel frosting. Honest.


This once superpopular queer rock party—the spawning ground for John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch—had its last hurrah in 2001.
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Marijuana delivery services
With cells instead of beepers, have they gotten even faster? Or is it just our new guy?
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The last unnamed neighborhood
It’s now called Hudson Square.
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The thrill of riding in a new subway car
The thrill’s certainly worn off—when is the rest of the fleet arriving again?
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Ten things you can get for $41.35 in 2008: Knicks tickets: 1, or more if the cheap seats aren’t sold out Empire State Building ticket: 2.18 Tickets to the AMNH space show: 1.72 Burgers from Corner Bistro: 7.19 Burgers from the ‘21’ Club: 1.38 Balls at the Chelsea Piers driving range: 162.9 Subway rides: 20.7 Cyclone rides: 5.16 Days of rent in an average one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan: .48
Download a pdf of 2003 Essential New York


Adopt a piece of furniture you found on the street
In 2003, we thought this made you a “true New Yorker.” Now we just think it makes you infested with bedbugs.
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The Yanks haven’t been in a World Series since he came over. Coincidence? Thank God for the ladies; at least he’s scoring somewhere.
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New York Theatre Workshop season tickets
In 2008, we’ll switch our vote to Soho Rep. They just produced and extended Blasted and have moved to an Off Broadway contract—making for much more interesting stuff these days.
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