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 (Photograph: Lindsey Thoeng)1/101
Photograph: Lindsey Thoeng"Back alley dance art in a tutu, on the streets of New York."
 (Photograph: Sarah Cox)2/101
Photograph: Sarah Cox"Coming home from a Flushing dumpling crawl!"
 (Photograph: Belinda Tipkelan)3/101
Photograph: Belinda Tipkelan"Stop, add love."
 (Photograph: Barrett Brown)4/101
Photograph: Barrett Brown"Looking up at the majestic Manhattan Bridge."
 (Photograph: Jimmy Hang)5/101
Photograph: Jimmy Hang"Bubbles in Central Park."
 (Photograph: Walter Shin)6/101
Photograph: Walter Shin"Bright lone star"
 (Photograph: Walter Shin)7/101
Photograph: Walter Shin"Pride"
 (Photograph: Brian Calabrese)8/101
Photograph: Brian Calabrese"Rainy NYC"
 (Photograph: Barrett Brown)9/101
Photograph: Barrett Brown"Chinatown street scene, from the Manhattan Bridge."
 (Photograph: Barrett Brown)10/101
Photograph: Barrett Brown"Down under the Manhattan Bridge at dusk."
 (Photograph: Barrett Brown)11/101
Photograph: Barrett Brown"Colorful graffiti against the blue Manhattan Bridge."
 (Photograph: John Cleur)12/101
Photograph: John Cleur"Dark skies over Liberty."
 (Photograph: Jimmy Hang)13/101
Photograph: Jimmy Hang"Golfing with empty milk cartons in Soho—anything is possible in the concrete jungle."
 (Photograph: Sergey Shinderman)14/101
Photograph: Sergey Shinderman"Post sunset cityscape view of Manhattan and Brooklyn connected by the Williamsburg bridge, and in the distance the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges."
 (Photograph: Ben Hagen)15/101
Photograph: Ben Hagen"Sunlight in the park."
 (Photograph: L.A. Nolan)16/101
Photograph: L.A. Nolan"Bloomberg shut down Zuccotti Park, so the Occupy Wall Street protests reorganized up the block at Foley Square. By the time I got there during my lunch break, the park was pretty empty, however I did take the shot pictured here at the square."
 (Photograph: Melaine Bal)17/101
Photograph: Melaine Bal"Relaxing on the boardwalk, spring 2012."
 (Photograph: Sergey Shinderman)18/101
Photograph: Sergey Shinderman"US Navy Blue Angel planes fly ceremoniously over the Hudson past midtown to mark the start of Fleet Week 2012."
 (Photograph: Jasmine Allin)19/101
Photograph: Jasmine Allin"Meatpacking District, NY"
 (Photograph: Hernando Luis Romero)20/101
Photograph: Hernando Luis Romero"Composition is not an issue in NY—for the right eye."
 (Photograph: Guillaume Gaudet)21/101
Photograph: Guillaume Gaudet"Two days after Sandy, I walked on Washington Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Lights were out and the street was just lit by the lights of the Manhattan Bridge, showcasing the silhouette of the biker on the cobblestone street."
 (Photograph: Lucas Chilczuk)22/101
Photograph: Lucas Chilczuk"Dancer Katie Moorhead in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. I love how a dancer has the ability to enliven otherwise anonymous locations."
 (Photograph: Bobi Dojcinovski)23/101
Photograph: Bobi Dojcinovski"A family feeding seagulls with bread on Coney Island beach."
 (Photograph: Agnes Sin)24/101
Photograph: Agnes Sin"City reflection and moon."
 (Photograph: Matthew Donohue)25/101
Photograph: Matthew Donohue"The greatest city on earth!"
 (Photograph: Ross Bennett Lewis)26/101
Photograph: Ross Bennett Lewis"Morning breakfast, low winter light, NYC."
 (Photograph: Atisha Paulson)27/101
Photograph: Atisha Paulson"NYC"
 (Photograph: Sarah Wigley)28/101
Photograph: Sarah Wigley"Chelsea Market on a beautiful day."
 (Photograph: Jarod Hargreaves)29/101
Photograph: Jarod Hargreaves"New York metro"
 (Photograph: Mike Winston)30/101
Photograph: Mike Winston"For the Color Run, New Yorkers trek out at the crack of dawn to the far end of Brooklyn to participate in a 5k run. Upon finishing the run, it becomes a dance party full of multicolor paint covered runners."
 (Photograph: Diana Zuluaga)31/101
Photograph: Diana Zuluaga"The Yard at the Soho Grand, NYC. The details in this city are what keep me here."
 (Photograph: J. Weseloh)32/101
Photograph: J. Weseloh"Trapped in a bubble."
 (Photograph: Mary Beckest)33/101
Photograph: Mary Beckest"Early '90's looking friends, whom I photographed in '10."
 (Photograph: Mary Beckest)34/101
Photograph: Mary Beckest"Early '90's looking friends, whom I photographed in '10."
 (Photograph: Sean Shapiro)35/101
Photograph: Sean Shapiro"Shooting hoops in Nolita."
 (Photograph: Sean Shapiro)36/101
Photograph: Sean Shapiro"Heels can hang too."
 (Photograph: Tim Lampe)37/101
Photograph: Tim Lampe"Looking at the tourists from a higher level is always a good activity."
 (Photograph: Rebecca Marks)38/101
Photograph: Rebecca Marks"A photo of a photo being taken at Lincoln Center Plaza."
 (Photograph: Gregory Anderson)39/101
Photograph: Gregory Anderson"View of Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Waterfront."
 (Photograph: Hongjiong Shi)40/101
Photograph: Hongjiong Shi"New York, July 4: The Macy's 4th of July fireworks displays on July 4, 2010 over the Hudson River."
 (Photograph: Raymond Martinez)41/101
Photograph: Raymond Martinez"Haute Dog stand across the entrance to the High Line at Gansevoort and Washington Streets."
 (Photograph: Edwin Baladi)42/101
Photograph: Edwin Baladi"Misty morning run accross the Williamsburg Bridge with my brother Roy and our roommate's dog Elektra."
 (Photograph: Aurelie Joly)43/101
Photograph: Aurelie Joly"NYC sprinklers"
 (Photograph: Eli Itay)44/101
Photograph: Eli Itay"Taco Taxi"
 (Photograph: Phil Hargreaves)45/101
Photograph: Phil Hargreaves"A shopper heading home from Grand Central Terminal."
 (Photograph: Steve Chung)46/101
Photograph: Steve Chung"Stop Praying, Keep Playing"
 (Photograph: Walter Shin)47/101
Photograph: Walter Shin"Abandoned bike and flying pigeon."
 (Photograph: Asaf Keles)48/101
Photograph: Asaf Keles"Manhattan Empire"
 (Photograph: Courtney D Brown)49/101
Photograph: Courtney D Brown"Impromptu dance parties on a warm summer day!"
 (Photograph: Johanna Korson)50/101
Photograph: Johanna Korson"Looking up at the Ansonia from Broadway on the UWS."
 (Photograph: Keith Michael)51/101
Photograph: Keith Michael"Salute to the Staute of Liberty from the Declaration of Independence Monument in Greenwood Cemetery."
 (Photograph: Brendan Vogel)52/101
Photograph: Brendan Vogel"Fleet of school buses in Coney Island."
 (Photograph: Ben Hagen)53/101
Photograph: Ben Hagen"Lumen Fest 2012"
 (Photograph: Tim Schreier)54/101
Photograph: Tim Schreier"Wall St Predator"
 (Photograph: Jon Darren)55/101
Photograph: Jon Darren"How to stay cool through a New York summer."
 (Photograph: Lindsey Thoeng)56/101
Photograph: Lindsey Thoeng"Taking a (tutu) break in a New York City alley."
 (Photograph: Martina Lage)57/101
Photograph: Martina Lage"Fifth Ave in Sept 2012."
 (Photograph: Maria Margarita Rojas)58/101
Photograph: Maria Margarita Rojas"A baby snowman."
 (Photograph: Elisabeth Prochnik)59/101
Photograph: Elisabeth Prochnik"Daddy Duty"
 (Photograph: Michael Sherer)60/101
Photograph: Michael Sherer"Hasidic Jews boarding bus after work day."
 (Photograph: Michael Sherer)61/101
Photograph: Michael Sherer"En route to an '80s party in '12."
 (Photograph: Molly Sugar)62/101
Photograph: Molly Sugar"I took this photo during New York Fashion Week. You might recognize him from Sh*t Fashion Girls Say. I love New York because it's one of a kind with fashion, culture and acceptance."
 (Photograph: Diane G. Davis)63/101
Photograph: Diane G. Davis"The fountain at Lincoln Center after a concert in the summer."
 (Photograph: Elayne Safir)64/101
Photograph: Elayne Safir"Frozen twilight in the park. Shot on the coldest day of the year, with zero degree wind chills. Everything was so crisp and vivid."
 (Photograph: Andriy Vintonyak)65/101
Photograph: Andriy Vintonyak"Where Tourists Don't Go"
 (Photograph: Nathaniel Gonzales)66/101
Photograph: Nathaniel Gonzales"A scene in New York's metro."
 (Photograph: Ben Hagen)67/101
Photograph: Ben Hagen"I happened upon this evocative scene one morning in Chinatown. One of the amazing things about NYC is that can stumble upon an image of great beauty at the most unexpected of times, in even the most quotidian of places."
 (Photograph: David Loomar)68/101
Photograph: David Loomar"The storm had ended, and we photographers were out, like a pandemic."
 (Photograph: Leanne Staples)69/101
Photograph: Leanne Staples"J Train, Williamsburg Bridge, New York City"
 (Photograph: Napier Lopez)70/101
Photograph: Napier Lopez"The Brooklyn Bridge connects two major parts of the city: it's namesake and Manhattan. Although I don't need to cross it regularly, I'm always fascinated by the variety of people that traverse it each day, with different attitudes and dispositions."
 (Photograph: Leo Mendonca)71/101
Photograph: Leo Mendonca"Sixth Ave, NYC"
 (Photograph: Ben Orlansky)72/101
Photograph: Ben Orlansky"The bags say it all. At the Union Square Holiday Fair."
 (Photograph: Walter Shin)73/101
Photograph: Walter Shin"Ambrose ship South Street Seaport."
 (Photograph: Lamberto Go)74/101
Photograph: Lamberto Go"I titled this photo 'Cinemas In The Snow.'"
 (Photograph: Ben Orlansky)75/101
Photograph: Ben Orlansky"A candid shot of a model near Bryant Park."
 (Photograph: Ben Orlansky)76/101
Photograph: Ben Orlansky"Giant Chess"
 (Photograph: Gerard Garcia)77/101
Photograph: Gerard Garcia"The hustle and bustle."
 (Photograph: Tim Lampe)78/101
Photograph: Tim Lampe"It's easy to say that the ideal view of New York city is from the Empire State Building but my favorite spot is the Top of Rockefeller Center which gives you a tremendous view of all parts of New York City."
 (Photograph: Leo Mendonca)79/101
Photograph: Leo Mendonca"New York City in black and white"
 (Photograph: Jarod Hargreaves)80/101
Photograph: Jarod Hargreaves"The New York skyline as seen from Williamsburg on a misty day."
 (Photograph: Marisa Cohen)81/101
Photograph: Marisa Cohen"The quiet spots that New York offers, away from all the noise and chaos!"
 (Photograph: Jacob J Goldberg)82/101
Photograph: Jacob J Goldberg"A juxtaposition that captures both ends of the spectrum of taste and interests that make up Times Square."
 (Photograph: Ben Hagen)83/101
Photograph: Ben Hagen"Through the glass..."
 (Photograph: Nadia Amelie Witte)84/101
Photograph: Nadia Amelie Witte"Samurai Invasion"
 (Photograph: Matthew Donohue)85/101
Photograph: Matthew Donohue"Bikes after Sandy in the Heights."
 (Photograph: Jamie Greene)86/101
Photograph: Jamie Greene"A pay phone as seen in front of a subway in motion in a New York City subway station."
 (Photograph: Leo Mendonca)87/101
Photograph: Leo Mendonca"Chinatown, NYC"
 (Photograph: Nadia Amelie Witte)88/101
Photograph: Nadia Amelie Witte"Whatever you wish for."
 (Photograph: Simon Meadows)89/101
Photograph: Simon Meadows"For me, this picture (taken at the end of my working day in NYC) captures the pace of life in New York—you can see it of course in the yellow blur of the taxis speeding past shoppers in Soho. It also shows, too, the moments of quiet reflection."
 (Photograph: Rick Bernstein)90/101
Photograph: Rick Bernstein"J Train on the Williamsburg Bridge."
 (Photograph: Dez Santana)91/101
Photograph: Dez Santana"World Trade Center Tribute in lights, taken from Brooklyn, NY."
 (Photograph: Sean Cushing)92/101
Photograph: Sean Cushing"This is a mission not a small time thing..."
 (Photograph: Jerielle Morwitz)93/101
Photograph: Jerielle MorwitzEye Candy
 (Photograph: Laura Kiselevach)94/101
Photograph: Laura KiselevachThis is Scout, the lead sales dog at the bike rental shop on Charles Street in the West Village.
 (Photograph: Ashley Klugerman)95/101
Photograph: Ashley Klugerman"Winter in Coney Island, looking at the Ferris Wheel."
 (Photograph: Bob Lasko)97/101
Photograph: Bob Lasko"London vs. NYC? London has corgis. But NYC has Carter and this queen's dog knows how to strike a pose! We love NY because home is 'on location!' (Pictured in DUMBO on Sunday, January 13, 2013)."
 (Photograph: Marie Christine Magante)98/101
Photograph: Marie Christine Magante"The Empire State taken from Top of the Rock."
 (Photograph: Garrett O'Donoghue)99/101
Photograph: Garrett O'Donoghue"5Pointz, Queens, New York, January 2013"
 (Photograph: Shoko Takayasu)100/101
Photograph: Shoko Takayasu"Shot from subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn."
 (Photograph: Simon Cheshire)101/101
Photograph: Simon Cheshire"Central Park Reservoir in the winter. Amazing to find the sense of calm in the middle of busy NYC."

New York photos: readers' pictures of NYC (slide show)

Time Out partnered with Samsung to find fantastic pictures of NYC, as captured by New Yorkers. Here are 101 of our favorite New York photos.

In a photo-heavy battle of New York versus London, there’s no contest (to us, at least). Readers were asked to capture photos of New York as part of Time Out and Samsung’s Share Your Now competition—and in our opinion, the pictures of NYC are quite captivating, not merely focussing on the skyline and iconic attractions like the Statue of Liberty, but on commonly missed details at ground level and their fellow New Yorkers. Check out 101 of our favorite reader-submitted photos in the slide show above, and for even more, visit

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