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Sensory Play: Please Do Touch the Art

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Kinetic Sand exhibit
Photograph: Courtesy of Waterfall Mansion and Gallery

Time Out says

All the art pieces presented at "Sensory Play" will be considered a work in progress.

A new show at Waterfall Mansion and Gallery will urge visitors to do the exact opposite of what they're used to doing at exhibits: actually play with the art on display.

Spread over two floors and set up as two main installation, "Sensory Play: Please Do Touch the Art" will feature the work of Dan Lam, including the "blobs" and "squishes" she is known for. 

"With this installation, I want to explore the touch aspect of Kinetic Sand further and break with the traditional '4th wall,'" said the artist in an official statement. "I invite viewers to become collaborators. Seeing art is usually knkown as a passice act, it's about looking. In this space, viewers will be able to touch, play and experience the art in a different way."

The exhibit will be open on November 20 and 21 from 11am to 7pm. Reserve a time slot to visit and play with the art works right here.


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