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  1. Hong Kong Supermarket

  2. Dragon Bay Bakery

  3. West 56th Street

  4. Taste Good Soya

  5. Xi Fang Temple

  6. Red Apple Fast Food

  7. Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House

  8. Prosperity Dumpling

  9. Sunset Park

Sunset Park $1 eating walk

Feast like a king on items that cost less than a buck in Brooklyn's Chinatown.


Start: 6023 Eighth Ave between 60th and 61st Sts, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
End: Seventh Ave at 44th St, Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Time: 90 minutes
Distance: 1 mile

1 Armed with an empty stomach, begin your cheapo culinary adventure at the sprawling Hong Kong Supermarket (6023 Eighth Ave between 60th and 61st Sts, 718-438-2288), which has the neighborhood’s best beverage selection. Cans of Vietnamese iced coffee (99) or soy milk studded with tapioca balls (99) are appealing, but a better accompaniment for the coming comestibles is the lightly sweetened Foco mango juice (79).

2 After weaving your way past the greengrocers and fishmongers that line Eighth Avenue, pop into the colorful Dragon Bay Bakery (5711 Eighth Ave between 57th and 58th Sts, 718-853-8188). It stands apart from other humdrum bakeries in the area by dressing its counter ladies in bright orange shirts and serving the wonderfully bizarre hot dog cookie ($1): a fully cooked wiener encased in an almond-topped croissant. It’s breakfast by way of lunch.

3 If you’d rather stick to more familiar-looking foods, walk one block north to a nameless metal cart that’s usually parked on the corner of West 56th Street in the late afternoon. More than a dozen dollar skewers, including fried tofu, Chinese broccoli, squid and—our personal favorite—lamb, are sizzled over charcoal and cooked until they have a crunchy brown crust. Take our word for it: This food on a stick tastes even better with a squirt of chili sauce. Scarf it while seated on one of the folding chairs scattered across the sidewalk.

4 Since you can’t survive on meat alone, make a pit stop at dumpy take-out joint Taste Good Soya (5103 Eighth Ave between 51st and 52 Sts, 718-686-6088). The tofu and noodle factory sells plastic containers of warm, soft tofu ($1) so silky, it evokes custard. When the server asks, get your snack topped with the sugary syrup for a sweet, on-the-go treat.

5 Find a quiet place to digest while contemplating a higher (equally rotund) power; duck in next door to the recently remodeled Buddhist Xi Fang Temple (5101 Eighth Ave at 51st St, 718-871-4299). In the long, incense-perfumed room, spend a few minutes meditating—or slipping into a food coma—in front of the serene, golden Buddha statue. Donations aren’t necessary, but a buck or two will only help your karma.

6 Now that you’ve created a smidge more room in your stomach, stroll to frill-free Fujianese eatery Red Apple Fast Food (4817 Eighth Ave between 48th and 49th Sts, 718-853-8811), where diners slurp bowls of thick sweet-potato congee (75 each). You’re here to down a Frisbee-size oyster cake (70), a crisply fried rice-flour fritter that’s dotted with peanuts and packed with scallions, pork and fresh oysters.

7 Still hungry? Color us impressed. Head to hole-in-the-wall Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House (4801 Eighth Ave at 48th St, 718-437-3542). Despite the cramped eatery’s name, its dumplings aren’t Sunset Park’s best; instead, opt for the doughy, pan-fried pork buns (three for $1) that are the size of lemons.

8 Next, you’ll finally get the top-notch dumplings you crave at the Brooklyn branch of Prosperity Dumpling (4317 Eighth Ave between 43rd and 44th Sts, 718-436-2516). Like the Manhattan original, the interior is as attractive as a hospital ward, but there are plenty of tables and the same plump, cracker-crisp pork-and-chive pot stickers (five for $1).

9 Conclude your gluttonous saunter at the neighborhood’s scenic namesake green space, Sunset Park (enter on Seventh Ave at 44th St, 718-965-6533). Climb to the top of the lush hill to take in the Manhattan vista and wave to Lady Liberty hanging out in Upper New York Bay, then find a patch of grass and nab a nice postprandial nap.

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