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#7: The best places in Chicago to openly cry

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Whether you just got dumped, you didn't get cast as "dead girl" in Chicago PD, or you're simply having one of those days, here are the best places in Chicago to openly cry and let it all out. These are places where no one will judge you for sobbing uncontrollably about how you recently finished every episode of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls and you don't know what to do without Lauren Graham in your life. We get it. Cry it out.

1. Any bar In Wrigleyville — Hang on to that telephone poll and cry for your friend Jessica.

2. Cheesie's — Cry into the Tenderizer, it is going to be okay.

3. Big City Tap — Nicknamed "Big Shitty" so really do whatever you want here.

4. The last stall in the Second City ladies bathroom — This is the mecca for girls after their audition where they cry about how they did two scenes as a dog. TWO!

5. Museum of Contemporary Art — You'll look like an art installation!

6. Victoria's Secret on Michigan Ave. — There are thousands of bras, stick your head in one and cry into a lace cup.

7. Montrose Dog Beach — "Look at that corgi splash next to the pomeranian!"

8. A trolley bus — Everyone is too busy shouting out obscenities to notice your running mascara.

9. Eataly — So.Many.Cheeses.

10. McFadden's Chicago — The shot girls will spot you and immediately pour André Brut down your throat.

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