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#5: Things you'll angrily spend money on in LA

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1. Hollywood Bowl tickets from craigslist scalpers: We all know your music illuminati shadow army is behind this, StubHub.

2. Replacement sunglasses: For the pair you left on the table at brunch. And the pair you left on the ground at Coachella. And the pair that might as well be in the Bermuda Triangle.

3. Parking lots: You've circled the block 5 times and are now more than fashionably late. Better just pull in before they raise the price on their sign again.

4. Parking tickets: You just wanted to sleep in. It's the weekend, for Christ's sake. "Never will this happen again," you foolishly swear.

5. Your half of the bill: It's infuriating when someone offers to take you to a catch-up/business lunch and then goes "What's easiest? Halves?" when the check arrives like they're suddenly living in a world where people forget about the promise of free food.

6. Unexpected covers: Oh, and your buddy isn’t carrying cash so you’ll have to get hers too. She’ll totally Venmo you later (after you remind her).

7. Surge Pricing: Not having a competent metro system is no excuse for drunk driving, but boy do Uber and Lyft make it hard to resist such recklessness on those Saturday nights when a ride home can cost half the month’s rent.

8. Drinks: Really? $18 for JUST an Old Fashioned? You didn't even put your stupid little Speakeasy spin on it? Fine. Whatever. Can't make a scene in front of my date.

9. Toll Road fees: Nothing’s worse than suddenly seeing a blue light flash while driving, realizing you somehow wound up in the Fast Pass lane, and then absorbing the fact that you'll soon be getting a fee in the mail that could range anywhere from $1-$45, depending on what the Dungeon Master at the DMV rolls on his 20-sided die.

10. Postmates, Seamless, etc.: Whether chained to your desk for a late night at work or too hungover to leave bed, there’s no way you’re dealing with traffic just for a little sustenance.

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