Time Out New York magazine now free every Wednesday

Where to pick up your free copy of Time Out New York, how to follow us on social media, sign up for the newsletter and make the most of the city.

Starting April 15, Time Out New York will be completely free.
That's right! You can now pick up a free copy of Time Out New York on the street every Wednesday. It's still the same magazine you've trusted for almost 20 years (though we did take advantage of this opportunity to add some great new features!) and we'll still use our expert eye to bring you the best recommendations for restaurants, bars, movies, theater and more in New York.

Where to get your copy of Time Out New York.
We'll be handing Time Out New York out at more than 175 locations:

There are also plenty of locations around the city you can pick up a free copy of Time Out New York, including cultural institutions, cafes, shops and more. 

Don't worry, you can still keep your subscription to Time Out New York as well, we'll just charge you a small fee for home delivery right to your door. Subscribe to Time Out New York now! 

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tristan l

So I was just told my magazine could be delivered as late as Saturday, meaning any information related to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or most of Saturday is completely out of date. Thanks Time Out, the stupidest move I've ever seen.

Thomas C

Wow, I'm a subscriber and now I'm being asked to go pick up a free copy somewhere???? Who's idiotic idea was this? I've NEVER had a magazine do this. WORST IDEA EVER Time Out New York.

Marika C

I used to have a subscription and now the only option is to get it for free.  I don't want it for free because on Wednesdays I have no chance of getting to a location to pick it up.  This is ridiculous that I am asking to pay money for their product and they would rather throw it on the ground and let it be treated like garbage. 

Erika J

The last issue I received in the mail was Issue 996 April 9-15. What's up TimeOut NY?? 

Stephen R

I just purchased a subscription to Time Out New York magazine, and have not even gotten an email confirming my subscription to the magazine. Is there any chance I will get an email confirmation, or even get the magazine in the first place?

Tom R

Here's the explanation I received (after asking three times) from TONY's so-called customer service.  It seems obvious that they want to get rid of their paid subscribers,and they have succeeded with me.

"Thank you for contacting Time Out New York.  We apologize for your inconvenience.  Since our move to a free publication, USPS classified the magazine in a different delivery category and the delivery window can be anywhere from 7-10 days. We do offer digital subscriptions to all print subscribers. The new digital edition is available for viewing each Wednesday."

Bonnie A

I have a subscription which has stopped coming.  Why?  Now I have to pick it up?  Why?  Please resume my subscription

Randall S

I have been trying to access an article from last week's edition and have been unable to for over an hour.  This is a disaster.  Also hate their throwing the magazine in front of the door. 

Kurt W

Is this even legal? I renewed my subscription assuming it would continue to be delivered to my mailbox by the United States Postal Service not thrown on the ground in all sorts of weather somewhere in the vicinity of my front door by some crackhead.

Kurt W

I didn't get last week's issue and called and an issue was added to my subscription but that they could not send me a replacement. They did not tell me that it no longer comes in the mail and that it is now being left on the sidewalk in front of my building and that to get my subscriber access to the digital edition I have to have a tablet. I have not missed an issue in fifteen years and now I am ready to cancel. Remember what happened to the Village Voice when it went free?And leaving a magazine on the sidewalk in the East Village? Do they know anything about the city they write about?

Glenn L

I didn't receive my subscription issue of the April 16-22 edition, either!

Sidney T

Same question as Marlene D.  Didn't receive subscription copy in mail for the April 15-21 issue.  So what happens to those of us who have paid subscriptions? I just mailed in a renewal for 47 issues!

Marlene D

What happens to those of us who have subscriptions?